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Bucharest VO processing time

Discussion in 'Visa Offices in Europe' started by Svetlanka, Jul 26, 2016.

  1. Hello,

    Is there anyone waiting for PPR from Bucharest VO? I will pass 6 months after few days and wondering if there is any backlog?
  2. Hi Svetlanka,
    Yes there is backlog at Bucharest VO...You can see my timeframe on the left.
    I also know of a December 2014 FSW applicant still waiting for MR.
    The family sponsorship thread also shows people waiting longer than the processing time posted at CIC website.
    Your application is under EE so it should be processed faster though.

    Good luck !
  3. Hello Svetlanka,
    My application has past the 6 months and I contacted CIC and they told me that my application was transmitted to Bucharest VO.
    Do you have any advice for me? What is the best way to contact Bucharest VO?
  4. Does anyone have updated information about how long it takes from sending PNP documents to issuing a visa from Bucharest VO. It takes 16 months(according to CIC website for the average processing time) or less?
  5. Hello guys,

    Did anybody succeed in contacting the VO? Is there any particular reason there is a backlog as I am wondering that other VO's are very proactive in processing files and for some odd reason we are not getting the same speed here?

    In essence if a file exceeds the 6 months timeline we can create a reequest on CIC's website...
  6. hey m at bucharest VO too, what is happening we all completed the 6 months and no replies
  7. Bucharest is very slow for spousal sponsorship, not a single applicant got DM or PPR yet from 2017
  8. Hello,
    My application as a sponsor was accepted on February 2017. After 6 months of no contact I asked my legal representative to request a status report from Bucharest VO. They sent a letter saying our application is in process and requesting not to ask any further question unless 18 months have passed...

    my application is outland. We are both living in UAE. It is also the old bundle so without a medical and some other differences. So i'm glad to see some others in the same boat.
  9. Did you get anything????
  10. Dear all,

    Finally my husband recieved the visa!
    We sent our application in January 2017 and my application as a sponsor was accepted in February 2017 and the paper were sent to bucharest VO then we didn't hear anything from them until December 2017 where they told us to send my husband's medical. And after less than 3 weeks they sent for his passport to stamp the visa for him. It all happened very fast but the waiting without any progress from feb to dec. was very nerve-wrecking.

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