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Bryanna need your help regarding Younger brother's Interview

Discussion in 'Visitors' started by Ananya12, May 17, 2018.

  1. I applied for my younger brother's visitor visa as my parents already have their visa's but they are not able to come and see me to due to my brother is a dependant. He has low IQ like behaves like 9 yr old kid but he is 22 years old.( no physical disability). I am going to have my first child in June. So my parents wanted to visit me for a month. So i applied my brother's visa alone and now he got a call for Interview in Delhi.
    My question is what would they are going to ask to my brother as he is kid.. he is not that smart.. and would the visa will be depending on my brother's answers?
    Please help.. whoever had interview.. please tell me what did they usually ask in Interview?
  2. Did you mention in TRV application that your brother has low IQ or some kind of medical documents stating the same?
  3. You should check if possible for someone to accompany your brother to the interview.
  4. Your brother is incredibly lucky that NDVO has called him for an interview. Personally, I have not come across a similar case where the applicant was asked to attend an interview (i.e. Special Needs person). Other applicants in similar situations were refused without interviews.

    When is the interview?

    Some points:
    1. You must immediately email NDVO to request that one of your parents can accompany your brother.

    2. Your brother must carry copies of his TRV application + medical reports + medical insurance coverage for his visit + any other similar documents (for example, if he attends a school for special needs' children.... admission, tuition fee receipt, etc) + copies of your parents' TRVs

    The visa officer would already have most of these documents. But, it is best to take these documents, neatly filed, to appear well prepared.... rather than attend the interview without any documents.

    3. Your brother must carry his passport (original, not a copy if he applied online) + the accompanying parent must carry his/her passport. They won't be allowed into the visa office without the passports.

    4. Cellphones, USB sticks, electronic gadgets, etc will not be allowed inside. These can be deposited/left at the security desk.

    IMO, the interview is only to assess his intellectual difficulties (at a primary level) and to ascertain that he won't be a burden on healthcare or social services. That's why the overseas travel medical insurance policy is necessary along with every possible medical report/doctor's report, etc.

    He could be asked a few basic questions about himself + what he does + why he wants to visit + does he want to meet you, etc. Basically, very simple questions. Nothing to worry about.

    The interview won't take long although there might be certain amount of time required for security/entry formalities. So, they must reach well ahead of the scheduled appointment.

    I recommend that your brother and/or the accompanying parent does not mention about you having a baby. Hopefully, they did not mention this in their TRV applications too.

    If approved, the visa officer will let him know at the interview about his visa approval/passport submission etc

    Don't worry :):)
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  5. Thank you so much for replying so quick Bryanna.
    I am so stressed that what would gonna happen.
    I am going to send them email about my father that he will be going to accompany my brother in Interview.
    They did mention that in trv that i am pregnant and they want to see me and my baby for a month . So they can support me and give blessings to the baby.
    So i think now my father should stay on the same words as they already explained their intentions in trv?
    And if is there anything else i need to know about Interview process please tell me.
    Thank you so much. I really appreciate all of your help.He is being rejected 3 times before. I think that would be our last chance.
  6. And Interview is on 28th may.
  7. You're welcome :)

    1. If your dad accompanies your brother then he should not volunteer any information. Do answer to the point.

    2. Your brother should answer as far as possible, not your dad.

    3. Also, their replies must be consistent with the TRV application.

    4. Your dad may want to have your brother go through practice interviews.... so that your brother does not feel intimidated/scared/nervous in the visa office.

    5. They should maintain eye contact (without seeming rude). While speaking, don't touch the nose/shield the mouth, etc which are signs of lying/being untruthful.

    Your brother is really fortunate to get an opportunity to prove the TRV facts, in-person.

    IMO, he'll get a TRV. Don't stress
  8. Yeah.. i did mention everything.. i didnt hide anything.. did u get visa?
  9. Yes. I got the visa today itself. Applied on 5 April via online way.
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  10. Congrats Enjoy..
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  11. Hey Bryanna,
    Need your help.
    In trv application, we didn't add the medical insurance coverage. Should i buy it now and give the receipt to my father to show to interview officer?
    I sm confused he might can ask why didnt you purchase it before and why did you purchase it after Interview call?
    What should i do ?
    Please suggest
  12. I recommend buying an insurance policy that covers your brother's visit (inclusive of the intended flight dates, as per the TRV application) for the Americas. The policy should allow travel dates to be changed for a small administrative fee and/or can be refundable.

    Your dad must take a copy of the insurance coverage (not just the receipt) to the interview. It's good to have insurance coverage when traveling abroad and this is what your dad must say if he is asked
  13. Hey Bryanna.
    Thank you so much for everything.. you did alot for me.. my brother just came back from Interview .. he got 1 year visa.. after 3 rejections..
    Thanks alot.
    I just want to know are you in Canada?
  14. Congratulations!!!!!
  15. Congratulations. Truly happy for you and your family :):)

    One bit of advice:
    Your brother must NOT apply to extend his stay. In fact, I recommend he returns home with your parents/one of your parents before the six months authorized stay (if allowed by the border officer)

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