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Brock University MBA

Discussion in 'International Students' started by Jacob183, Oct 12, 2019.

  1. Is doing MBA in Brock worth it. I know the cost and the fact that its not at par with other universities such as Rottman or Ivy. But still is it beneficial for job prospects in Canada
  2. I am applying the MBA ISP from brocku and awaiting for their reply
  3. Hi, so u r good with choosing this university?
  4. I have currently got an offer from Brock University however from Faculty of Applied Health Sciences for a Master program.
  5. I choose Brock because no GMAT is required

  6. I have been admitted for mba -isp of brock and got visa too i am reaching canada on 15th july ,any body joining me from india,please update,thanks
  7. Hi Narayan, so u got visa for august 2020 mba mba course . Can we apply now only for the visay?
  8. Hi Narayan, how long does it take for the whole application process? You apply the student Visa on your own?

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