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British guy moving to Toronto in Jan 2020 to join fiancee

Discussion in 'Permanent Residence in Canada' started by RichyRich101, Nov 25, 2019.

  1. I am a British guy (37) who is moving to Toronto in the new year to join my fiancée, who is already living there.

    I know as a British citizen I will have the ETA (Electronic Travel Authorization) which allows me 180 days in Canada without a visa.

    My fiancée has the PR (permanent residence already) but I don’t. I plan to apply for the PR once I arrive in Canada. I only recently (but happily) made the tough decision to uproot my life to follow her.

    We are now going to get married in Canada in February.

    So that is my situation more or less.

    My questions are:. What is the best way to apply for PR once I am in Canada? Can I work in Canada while I am applying for PR? Some of my fiancee’s colleagues say I can. At the moment I have some online work lined up to do from Jan 2020- which I can do from anywhere.

    Any information would be great.
  2. To be very clear, you aren't moving to Canada. You do not yet have the right to live here. You are coming to visit your partner. Stating that you are moving here or coming to live here is a very good way to get yourself knocked back at the border by CBSA and potentially issued a 1 year Exclusion Order. You are visiting. Have no more than the normal few bags of a visitor. Don't volunteer information to CBSA but don't lie either.

    After marrying, your spouse can sponsor you. If you apply inland, you can include an OWP app. It takes 3-4 months after submission to get the OWP, so you will not be able to work in Canada until around summer.

    You can work for companies outside of Canada while here as a visitor, as long as they do not do ANY work in Canada, have any clients in Canada or pay you in Canada.
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  3. Hi canuck- thanks so much for your advice. So, I will definitely be wary of that at the border. So I will be coming in with ETA. I am reading that I can stay for 6 months and then leave and come back in?
  4. 6 months is the standard but it is dependent on the officer at the border. It is not advisable to leave and return to try to reset your status.
  5. Did you and you fiancée ever live together for a year or more?

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