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Bringing my car

Oct 15, 2019
Hi there,

I live in BC (here on a work visa) but was approved for PR and need to activate it. I want to bring in my (German-made) MINI at the time of getting landed. From what I understand, by doing so, I won't have to pay customs, because the car will be listed on the form at the time of landing.

But, I will need to pay GST/PST, the inspection + registration fee, the air conditioner fee.
  1. Have I understood all that correctly?
  2. How is the value of the car calculated to determine GST/PST? (The car is a 2013 model; is that taken into account, or will it be taxed on the new and/or purchase price?)
  3. Least of my concerns at this point...but will I need to take a driver's test, etc., to get a BC driver's license?
  4. Has anyone used a broker to help with such things?
I welcome any insight or answers regarding the above!

Thank you! Dana


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May 18, 2015


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Mar 22, 2016
Unless you are really attached to the car then probably not worth the effort or cost even if were possible, just sell it and buy or lease in Canada.