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Bringing a digital piano from home country

Discussion in 'Settlement Issues' started by Khaled92, Jun 16, 2019.

  1. I'm a pharmacist living in Egypt and I decided to move to Canada a couple of months ago through the express entry program. I'm still in the process of documents evaluation and I'm not sure how long will it take to get my invitation to move to Canada as a PR.

    I'm thinking about learning to play piano and I have two options:
    1. Buy a digital piano now, learn and practice on it until I get my invitation and bring the piano with me to Canada as a PR.
    2. Wait until I get my invitation and move to Canada, buy a piano there and start learning.

    Which option should I pick?

    If I choose the first option, can I bring a digital piano from my home country with me? Has anybody done that before? Was it hard?
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    Is the voltage in Egypt not 220v whereas in Canada it is 110v so would that not be your first challenge unless the piano can work on either . ?

    If you have not yet started to learn, have not bought the piano and are confident you will be moving in next 12 months maybe buy / start in Canada as opposed to shipping which apart from cost you will have no idea initially what your living arrangements will be.

    Bringing electrical goods to Canada is often discussed on various immigration forums and general consensus is to not bother given any compatibility issues and if such goods go wrong either in any warranty or out of, getting them repaired could be challenging if a brand not generally available in Canada
  3. This is an interesting question !

    I'd recommend you wait till you get here and then buy the piano. You'll probably get a better deal as well.

  4. which option did you choose?
  5. Usually digital items might be cheaper when bought here. So unless you already own then and they work for 110v, you might want to reconsider buying it in home country

    Having said that, if you do want to bring it, you will have to declare it in your goods to follow list. Afterwards it is not a problem at all and you would transfer it just like any other item

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