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BOWP Tracker 2020


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Aug 5, 2021
I have a quick query regarding BOWP eligibility after you have got an extension on PGWP (Open work permit) already.

To summarize, last year IRCC announced public policy that allowed to extend your stay for upto one year. I am not sure if that itself was a BOWP?

Anyways, I had applied and received it last year and was hoping to apply for BOWP this year?

Am I eligible to apply for this BOWP?

Currently: CEC Inland Applicant


Apr 11, 2022
I applied for mine December 8 2021 and haven't heard anything.
Incredibly frustrating as I need to be able to travel for my job. If I do travel, and come back to Canada, I lose my work status.
I could lose a lot of work because of this.
Anyone know of any loop holes or anything that can help me?


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Dec 12, 2019
I have applied my BOWP in august 2021 and i have not received any e mail like you as said the case is in Edmonton and day before yesterday i called to ircc they said they are processing my case in Edmonton. your pnp nomination is expired thats why it takes time . when i talked to my consultant he said it expiry is with in six month and we have to apply for pr in that time which i did two years before. Even though he upload my PNP with PR application file number yesterday . My consultant told me the person who received the call dont know anything.MY PR application is near completion and when the check the status of my pr file it shows they are working on eligibility check and security check .
According to you why they are taking too long its already seven month have passed .Please advice..
Did u get BOWP? I am Sep 2021 applicant but still waiting