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Best Schools in Toronto Region

Discussion in 'Education' started by jadein, Oct 8, 2010.

  1. That is an expensive area. Also I assume there is also not tons of availability at a lower price point. If you have an unlimited budget sure there is home you can rent.
  2. Are there any leasing apartments in these good school areas? Any lead in Google on how to find them. The advantage of these kind of apartments are- rent is uniform and leasing office take care of the apartment maintenance..unlike owner/ renter type apartment..
  3. Are you aware that this is a private school?
  4. Yes I'm aware. I'm looking for public schools and OK to pay as increased rent over fees to private schools( a lesson I learnt in US). I'm looking for halton school district but not finding leasing apartment based on school in there...
  5. You are unlikely to be able to rent anything without being in the city and I wouldn't encourage it. Halton is nowhere near Sunnybrook. Rent is so location dependent and Halton is a huge area. Would focus more on being close and able to get to employment for you and your wife. If you are not in the right area it could take you hours to get to work. You need to think about whether you need to be close to public transportation.
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    York Mills Collegiate is a public school in sunnybrook area.
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