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Best Schools in Toronto Region

Discussion in 'Education' started by jadein, Oct 8, 2010.

  1. Hi everyone,

    I am planning to migrate to Canada,Before doing that I would like to know the best schools in Toronto for my little ones who are 7 and 6 years old.and the fees for an academic year,(it will depend upon the school) but to get a general idea on this before i move in.

  2. public schools are free if you are PR
  3. Thanks steaky for the info !

    Well do u have any suggestions for the best public school in Toronto region
  4. Hi everyone

    I went through this link.Hope it will be helpfull to others too

    visit fraserinstitute.org/publicationdisplay.aspx?id=15884&terms=schools

  5. Yes, this links are very great and best to get information. It is best school in Toronto region. Its map available in Toronto website also.
  6. Are you talking about high schools, Colleges or Universities? There is no such thing as a best school. It all depends on what your needs are. Private schools often offer better quality as the class sizes are smaller but it is important to check if the school is registered by the regulator and if operating under the law.
  7. Hi,

    Check the links may it helps



    Following is the list of school by rank in Mississauga.





    Toronto Public school ranking is following

  8. The TDSB does offer a vital service to the poor and needy adult student needing basic skills. However it is not known for quality nor can the School Board offer College and University credentials such as Diploma and Degree's.

    In Toronto the TDSB operates upto K12 education and delivers high school credentials. The quality is measured by Ontario Government Tests. TDSB students show improvement in EQAO scores...but test results remain below provincial average.
  9. When you send your children to public school in Toronto (or Mississauga, or neighbouring municipalities) they will automatically be sent to the school closest to them. This is something for you to consider when you choose where to get an apartment or house. Most Toronto public schools have a high standard of education but certain neighbourhoods are better than others.

    It is the unfortunate truth that in certain low-income neighbourhoods, the classrooms tend to be more overcrowded, the teachers less experienced (teachers with more seniority might request to be transferred to less difficult neighbourhoods), and the classmates less successful. I suggest when you are looking for apartments or houses, you ask the realtor or landlord where the closest school is, and before you sign a lease or buy a home, you go to the school. Ask for a tour. Most of the time the school will gladly show you around. If you go at the end of the day, there might be other parents there picking up their kids (some kids will walk alone or take the bus but usually at least a few parents will go) and you can ask them their opinions about the school.

    Also note that you do have the option of sending your child to a school not in their neighbourhood. This is under the policy called "optional attendance" - where you opt to send them to another school. However, this is only possible if that school is not full. Remember, it might be annoying for your child to have to take the bus or commute to a school further away; they won't live in the same neighbourhood as their friends.

    Finally, note that in Toronto, there are a number of "speciality schools" - schools that offer French immersion, education focussed on the arts (heavy offerings in theatre, drama, visual arts, music), or other "alternative schools" - much info is on the TDSB website. You could try to enrol your child in one of these schools - they are usually excellent. There is also the Toronto Catholic District School Board - you don't HAVE to be Catholic for your child to go there in the upper years.
  10. good info. thx
  11. which kind of school?? u mean primary, middle, or high school??
  12. Thanks for all the links provided. I particularly like the list of 10 elementary schools Mississauga. But finally i decided to enroll my kids to the Sunny Brook School in toronto. I've got many positive updates about this school from many of other parents.
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  13. So Howz the rent in the area near sunny brook?
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