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Best place to stay in Toronto after landing before house hunting ?

Discussion in 'Housing' started by sarimraza, Dec 14, 2015.

  1. Not sure where in Canada you are moving but most landlords will want to meet you before renting to you. All you might be looking too far in advance for your required move-in date. The rental supply is pretty tight in many cities so landlords can be picky. I would also suggest that you see a place before committing to a 1 year lease. Pictures on the internet can hide many problems!
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  2. 100% agree. Come here and stay somewhere temporarily for a couple of months. Don't rent a place without seeing it in person.
  3. Just wanted to understand what area in Toronto would be good to shift to initially, especially from the perspective of looking for Marketing jobs. An affordable place with good connectivity by Public Transport is what I'm looking for. Initially as suggested in this forum, I am looking at AirBnb but an area would be helpful in zeroing on the location for 2 months.
  4. Marketing jobs are notoriously hard to get and could technically be anywhere from downtown to the suburbs if you get one. Affordable and good transit links don’t really go together. The better the transit links the more desirable the neighbourhood. Honestly the best option would be for one parent to move and secure employment before moving their family. It is harder to rent without employment and in a city like Toronto you could end up with multi hour commute if you rent in one area then get a job in a on the other side of the city. Unfortunately many people in Toronto do commute for 1-2 hours in each direction but I would at least try to minimize that if possible.

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