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Best place to stay in Toronto after landing before house hunting ?

Discussion in 'Housing' started by sarimraza, Dec 14, 2015.

  1. Dear All

    Landing in toronto soon IA

    We are 2 adults 2 small kids under 6

    We will search for apartment after arriving in toronto, but need recommendation for best place to spend the first week in after landing in toronto . .

    Ive heard about
    Sheridan conference centre

    We need a 1 bedroom or studio furnished with all amneties, it could be anywhere in GTA or missisauga or brampton etc

  2. hi

    we are a family of 2 .. in a similar situation..Like yours ..Please advice me on how did you manage..or may be whats app me on +919951444404..
    when are you landing?
  3. Hi Guys normally what newcomers do is to rent an airbnb for a month while they get to know the city and then rent a place.
    I'm a realtor and I can help you find a property my service is free of charge to you.
    You can also use kijiji or viewit.ca.
    If like to get more info visit my site alrivas. com.
  4. Hello,

    We are offering the short term or long term accommodation to the all newly landed immigrants.

    We are well known at Canadavisa.com

    Please visit out website or check the link below for short term fully furnished accommodation as per your family size & budget we have bedroom starting from $ 30 per nigh or $ 210 per week and above.

    You can also contact me at +1-647-703-5988 or e-mail at furnishedsuite2@gmail.com

    For other details please visit website or link below




    Best Regards,


  5. I guess you are from India. I've created a e-group where we can all connect & discuss over email (target group: Indians landing in Jan-Feb-Mar 2016). PM me your email and I shall add you.
  6. Hello Friends,

    First of all Congrats to all who have successfully got the PR and ,all the best ,who are still in process.

    I am travelling to Toronto in the month of May for 2 weeks for landing. I need a place to stay(budgeted) on a sharing basis for the time of my stay.

    Request you to help me with a place to stay (preferably around Downtown) and inbox me if anyway is interested to share there stay.

  7. Hi we are landing in second week of April. Can you add us on the egroup as well. Email id is arohigokhale@gmail.com
  8. One thing is for sure, never fall into trap of people who advertise their services on this forum specifically targeted towards newcomers -- newcomers for them are like cows to be easily milked for monetary gains.

    Theres a whole world out there, book someplace temporary for a week, then go and search there is lot of supply and the more you search and negotiate the better deal you will get.

    take care
  9. But it will be more troublesome especially when you don't know anyone in the city, you have lots of luggage, small children and goods to follow which you want to submit it at first landing.
  10. It wont be troublesome because you will have a place to stay for the first week, then the main guy can go out ALONE to find the place which is lot easier ..
  11. But after the main guy found a new place, the secondary / dependents would need to move out to the new place wouldn't they? It's easier if the person is single...
  12. After main guy finds new place, it wont be hard to move, we just sit in car and go -- and we will save hundreds of CAD --
  13. Sarim, if you are from Pakistan, than y don't you go for Thorncliffe Park Drive. Its good for newcomers from Pakistan, as so many Pakistani origin people are living around. It feels like we are living in Pakistan. There are other places but Thorncliffe is quite nice place to start with. Specially the Ladies from out society will feel relax, otherwise they do feel depress in other parts of country.

    Always try for community base locality at start.. once you know the city, you can move anywhere you like...
  14. This is an old post so m less likely to get reaponse still... we are goiing to shift to canada with two kids. And we have been trying to rent a place to stay. Used all platforms but seems we moving with two kids is stopping us from getting place to stay... what solution you people had for it? We have not found a single place to stay so far n soon we will be moving.
  15. Airbnb- its simple, forthright, and safe !

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