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best place to live in canada ?

Discussion in 'Housing' started by melkhatib, Aug 12, 2011.

  1. Hi all,

    I want to ask about the best and cheapest place to live in Canada as new immigrant according to the following criteria:

    1- A family of 4 persons (2 adults 2 kids).

    2- The fastest place to process citizenship application.

    3- Cost of living very cheap and affordable including everything.

    4- Best schools and medical services.

    5- Big Appartment of 2 bedrooms unfurnished.

    and last how much the monthly payment will be for everything.

    Thank you guys waiting ur advice.
  2. Friends Can anyone of you tell me where is the best place in Canada to live with family on commercial area's apartment.
  3. This is a personal choice, what is "best" for me, may be terrible for you.

    Do you have ties to any specific area of Canada?
    What is your profession?
  4. there is no prefference and im a pharmacist

  5. Note that fast citizenship applications don't exist; there is no rush, as you would already be in Canada :)

    Finding very cheap living and the best schools is unlikely. Google "best schools in canada".

    Do you want to live in any specific province?

    Do you want to be in a big city, smaller town?

    What do you want to do with your family time, would the pastime be urban or rural?

    You really need to narrow your selection criteria.
  6. try fraser institute dot org for school rankings across Canada!
  7. hi guy!

    I just want to live in Canada but I have no idea where is the best place to stay. my immigration application is PNP, anyone can give me an advice which province is the best place to settle. I just want to live in rural area because I believe the cost of living in this area is cheaper, but preferably near or has easy access to city.
  8. It is a personal decision.

    As an example - In the winter, living "close" to a city may not be good enough for you, the snow can be deep and roads do close until the ploughs go through :)
    IMO The costs usually balance out, if you travel a long way for your job (because you live in the countryside), then it will cost you time and money.
    Some people live in the cities because it is more convenient, even though the costs are higher.

    Like I said, a personal choice.
  9. Thanks for the tip Baloo :)
  10. well i agree with you and really these are the good tips
  11. There is nothing called best and cheapest place, if you are living in Ontario, you can come to Jane and Finch, thats really cheap but you have to compromise on the lives of your family, make sure you are wearing bullet proof jacket, and your kids will be influenced by other messed up kids in the neighbourhood.

    If you need a good place to live you have to have to spend money and not be a miser, like good neighbourhood and schools and descent and civilized people.

    Whats the rush on getting the citizenship? you are here and thats all that matters. There is no such thing as rushed citizenship. You'll have to spend 1095 days physically in Canada and thats the rule. Once you have spent the days it takes about another year before you get your citizenship
  12. hi baloo what do you fell about calgary??? for a couple??

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