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Best Masters course for Content Specialists in Canada?

Discussion in 'Education' started by Kraken_123, Oct 4, 2019.

  1. Hi Guys!

    I am a Content Specialist by profession and am interested in Digital Marketing. I am unclear which Masters course should I opt for, to be in-line with my career. All I get are suggestions for MBA General or any other proper technical STEM related course since I come from an Engineering background.
    Personally I would like to do an years course (not sure whether it would be effective) which would help me fetch a decent job.

    I would like to know which would be the ideal thing to do?

    Any insights/ suggestions would be really helpful!

  2. A 2 year degree would be better since 1 year PGWP really limits you. It will be very hard to get 1 year of working experience in Canada.
  3. I am a holder of a first class degree in educational psychology with a GPA of 3.66 from the University of Buea but really wish to know if i Can have admission from a University in Canada and if possible a study visa to Come and read a masters in clinical psychology with full funding from the Canadian government, i am a perfect bilingual in English and French and will be ready to put m'y skills at the availability of thé Canadian government...... How Can i go about it?
  4. You can certainly apply for a masters program in Canada. Getting a scholarship to pay you tuition is not very common.
  6. There is no link. You must look at schools individually. As I mentioned before most scholarships are reserved for Canadian PRs and citizens so most likely you’ll need to pay for your living expenses and tuition.

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