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Best City for Civil Engineers and Planners

Discussion in 'Housing' started by sifarsen, Jul 12, 2010.

  1. hi..
    I know the economy is not so good right now...but would appreciate if anyone can provide some insight about the best suitable cities for civil engineers and planners...Obviosly it will be a city where construction of infrastructure projects are at boom (other than real sector which is down right now).
    Your valuable inputs will be appreciated.
  2. Thanks a lot for your reply...Unfortunately, I am not a Structural Engineer. I am a planning engineer working in Abu Dhabi in an american company. I have worked in execution and then project management,but not in structural design...I would appreciate if you can provide some insight about project management scope in canada.
  3. since u are landed you will be a position to discover. but I think Ontario or Alberta will be ideal for you.

  4. Thanks for your reply.
    I did my initial landing in June 2010. Stayed in toronto for 2 weeks,completed all the formalities and returned back....I didnt see much of construction going on in and around toronto...may be scenario is different in alberta...I would appreciate if anyone can provide some information in this regard.
  5. Thanks Charlotte for ur reply...I would appreciate if you can elaborate on the same. Is there lot of construction going on in Calgary. I thought Ontario and BC allocate more money in infrastructure development than any other province..
    Also, I would like to thank you for ur informative post on your settling down issues. Wish you all the luck.
  6. look at websites of local newspapers in canada where there is a lot construction going on or at job sites, it can give you a pretty good picture of the job market in different areas of Canada. have you already worked on being certified in Canada for your profession? I belive engineering jobs are regulated in Canada.

    If you did, how did you go about it? My husband is an Electrical Engineer and once we get approved for PR, he wants his qualifications to be accredited or credited so he will be licensed/certified to work as an engineer.
  7. you are welcome Sifar ...

    Well, right now, there are pretty much a few constructions ongoing across downtown Calgary, like new skyscrapers etc, the most famous of which is the Bow and the huge project of Eight Avenue Place towers and shopping mall and many high end brands are also opening shops and offices in Calgary, all happening increasingly and steadily like Armani Exchange, Liv Au Lit and the only Crate and Barrel outside of Toronto is now in Calgary.

    Calgary is busy shedding off his " Stampede" image off of its reputation and trying to become a real cosmopolitan hub and no longer a little crazy island in the middle of nowhere. Also the city is attracting more and more wealthy people but still has a long way to go to become really like Toronto I suppose, but they are doing a good job and I do support them and encourage the Calgarians in their new choice of lifestyle. It will only enrich their already rich and lovely city anyway.

    Finding jobs in a specific area is difficult I can tell, but I suppose the only place where a lot is happening and currently ongoing with this regard is Toronto.

    Building 1 Bloor building, which will be 72 floors tall and Aura currently under construction which will be the tallest mixed-used condo/office tower across Toronto at 75 and a whole range of brand new condo buildings like X2 (51 fl), Burano's (44), the U, the new Four Seasons hotel at 55 fl, the new Shangri-La hotel, the new Trump Tower and Hotel (the second tallest trump on this planet!) and a whole bunch of other buildings and sites planned to be given the green light.

    But then again, and as I said in another post, have a plan B and C and D ready and at hand in case you can't find the right job and in the right field, your field.
  8. Hi,

    Its been a long time for your post. i hope you have got what you wanted.
    I have similar profile as yours. Planning engineer and i m also looking for immigration.
    i have two choice Canada & Austraila. Please suggest on your experience what to do?
  9. Hi. Could you please update me about your job hunt? Thanks.

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