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Became pregnant during Express Entry application// Work Permit expiring

Discussion in 'Canadian Experience Class' started by carolinem, Jul 10, 2019.

  1. Hello,
    I am working on my Express Entry application through the Canadian Experience Class program for myself and my husband, and the application is due 7/29. I am the primary applicant. Just before my scheduled medical exam, I learned I am pregnant. I understand under these circumstances the medical exam x-ray is postponed until after the baby is born and application materials for the baby are submitted along with the x-ray.
    My concern is: my due date is March 2020, and my Work Permit expires in May 2020. I am very worried about how close of a turnaround time that is, because it would be horrible to lose my Work Permit status, especially while out on maternity leave.
    My question is: Are Work Permit extensions ever granted in this case? OR, How quickly does the PR application get turned around once we submit the final materials? There would presumably be about a month to process the materials before the Work Permit expires. Can I get any assurance that I won't lose my work status in Canada two months after having a child?
    Thank you!
  2. You would apply for a BOWP (bridging open work permit).
  3. Thank you for your quick reply!
    I have an employer-specific work permit from an LMIA. Would I still apply for a bridging *open* work permit or is there another kind?
  4. Hello again,
    I've learned that I can't apply for a BOWP until after my PR application is considered complete, and it will not be complete until the x-rays are done. A BOWP is currently listed as taking 90 days to process, and my work permit will expire less than 2 months after I'm able to get the x-ray. This all seems like a very tenuous situation... am I missing something, or do I have to just apply for the BOWP after getting the x-rays and hope it comes through in time? Thanks again.
  5. Not sure where you learned that. You need AOR to apply for a BOWP, which will arrive in the normal time regardless of the x-ray.
  6. If you're applying online, make sure you have every other document you need for your application ready to go. When you do your medical exam after you've delivered (congratulations!), upload the form and apply for PR. Your Acknowledgement of Receipt document will become available in 24-48 hours after submitting your application. Use this document, your medical exam confirmation, and other documents to apply for a BOWP.

    When you've applied, which won't be later than (at worst) mid-April 2020, you're on implied status, meaning you must stick to the conditions of your previous work permit until you hear back about the new one.

    You're going to be fine!
  7. You can submit medicals (including your X-ray) after applying for PR. Once you submit the application which does not need medicals upfront, you will receive AOR number. This AOR is needed to apply for BOWP. You apply that online and wait for 95 days to process. Until then you can continue staying and working in Canada on "Implied status". So you are in good shape. Congratulations to be soon mother :)
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