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Discussion in 'Business Immigration' started by Frank Le, May 3, 2019.

  1. Hi investors that have completed Final report or doing business in BC (for the BCPNP Entrepreneur stream),
    I am from Vienam. I am planning to immigrate to BC through Entrepreneur stream (Base Category or Regional Pilot).
    But i am worrying alots about the information that: BCPNP Entrepreneur stream last few years, the successful rate of converting from Work permit to PR after completing business period (from 18-20 months) as in Performent Agreement is a bit low: 75%????
    If this number is true, i think that it is so risky for investor's families as they do not get PR!!!
    Any investor have got trouble like that?? Please kindly share for me your situation

    With many thanks & Best regards,
  2. Can you give me your email id or phone no. so that we can talk further on this program because even i am also looking for the same program.
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  3. Dear all,
    For the Regional Pilot, it mentions that Performance Agreement is needed to be signed. Does anyone know what is the content inside it?

    Thanks so much.
  4. Hi LawrWon,
    as i know, Performance Agreement includes requiments you have to exactly complete after 1-2 year doing business in BC, for example:
    _Time frame to establish & set up your company
    _Ammount you have to invest to your business (as your commitment)
    _Business plan
    _The minimum job you create
    _Minimum time you stay in the region with your family
    It is like the KPI you have to complete to get nomination.
    Hope it heplful,
  5. So, it is a matter of the amount you have to spend to meet their requirements for nomination

    IB me your phone for further talk as I can share a little bit more if you are interested
  6. it depends on what do you want,if get pr is your priority,then i do not suggest to go through BCPNP
  7. Hi Mr Wang,
    Could you please share to me why it is not a good way to get PR?
    Are there some problems or challenges behind it? Any program better?
    Kind regards,
  8. pm me on WhatsApp +8613588023035
  9. Thanks Frank, I was worry about the Performance Agreement is somehow linked to the business revenue which is a very uncertainty variable to me.
  10. Hi Yulie, getting PR is, of course, the first priority and the only goal. I am also very interested in your interpretation of why it is not suggested.
  11. pm me on WhatsApp +8613588023035
  12. Hello all,

    I am looking to apply under the regional scheme. Has anyone applied for ITA from regional participants. Since the rules are simpler than the base category, I believe regional scheme is better than the base category.

    also thought of the nbpnp, which offers direct pr, previously mpnp abd pei also offered such options. But there is a problem here. There is a CASE running in the Court of PEI against some investor, who didnt fullfiled the obligations of establishing the business. If anyone thinking of getting a pr card and loose the deposit and not start a business, authorities may file case against you at any point of time.

    Anyone here trying for BC Regional category.
  13. If you are thinking about nbpnp, kindly send me a message on WhatsApp +8613588023035

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