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BC PNP Query - Semi-skilled immigration

Discussion in 'Permanent Residence in Canada' started by Shaunak sharma, Sep 10, 2019.

  1. Dear Friends,

    My wife has finished 10 months as a kitchen helper in BC and the employer is ready to provide all the necessary documents to her. I'm still waiting for her IELTS (expecting around 5 bands) and WES evaluation ( 3 years of B.com degree).

    1. What are the chances of getting ITA for BC PNP? And how much total time it would take? For BC PNP and then PR?

    2. Is BC PNP granted to my wife only or can it be the utilized for me as well?

    3. Assuming her BC PNP score around 50, what are the chances of getting the ITA? Last year the cut off was 40 but this year it is around 70 I believe.

    Second scenario,

    I am doing MBA and will be graduating in December 2019. I can get 7 bands in IELTS and I have no work experience from india or Canada. So I believe I will have to work at least 1 year to become eligible to apply for PR.

    So, in this both scenario how should I proceed to get the PR that is fastest and smoothest for both of us. Should I try for my wife to get pnp and then make her primary applicant and I as secondary applicant for PR or should I just work for one year and apply for PR?

    Any help would be highly appreciated. Thanks for taking time and responding.

    Sincerely appreciated. :)
  2. kitchen helper is skilled or semi skilled for Bc pnp

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