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BC pnp PR inland paper submission October 2018

Discussion in 'Provincial Nomination Program Immigration' started by Den 100, Nov 19, 2018.

  1. Application Recieved :18-10-2018
    Waiting for AOR
    Can I get to know how long it will take to get aor in BC ?
  2. Hope you will receive AOR in about 30-45 days
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  3. Please post your update
    My app received oct 12, still waiting for aor
  4. Definitely I will..! Pls post you update whn u recieved yours..!
    Best of luck...
  5. Are you applying under express entry pnp ?
  6. Are you in Sai Gon?
  7. Mine is under federal B.C. pnp...!
    No,mine is federal B.C. pnp...!
  8. Any new ...! Any updates..?
  9. Haven’t received anything. Stressfully waiting for aor
  10. Why it’s takes so long..? Any updates...?
  11. my app has been sent exact 8 weeks already, too stress
    I also applied TRV in october and still havent received any information. i called cic couple days ago and it said will take up to 103 days to process my application even though on the website it states processing application received on nov 14.
  12. Dear, Any updates regarding the file number...?
  13. Hello, I have applied for EEBC PNP with score 107, my question is i work for BC Health Authority with NOC B 2282 and i have heard that certificate of incorporation and business license for public organization is not available. If there is anyone in forum who have been through same process as i am or have some information about the employer documents please reply. Any help will be appreciated Thanks
  14. I need to share my story to help others who might find it useful. This is for BC pnp paper-based-inland application.

    I got my invitation to apply (confirmation of nomination) on March 6th, 2018.

    Finally got all my documents together and sent in my application May 9th, 2018 or sometime.

    After about 2 months, sometime in July. I called the cic office and was told by the agent that my application is being sent back to me because I omitted a signature.

    This was a major setback, as I had exceeded my 3 years of post-grad work permit (Don’t ask how). Will not go into irrelevant details, but I mentioned that to show my level of desperation and frustration at the time.

    Long story short, I received my application in a couple of days with a sign here sticker beside the required area to sign. It was signed as sent back faster than ASAP.

    On August 10th, a day to my dad’s birthday , they received my application.

    August 19th was when I got my AOR.

    It stated that they started processing my application on September 18th.

    On October 11th, they requested for my medical, employer reference letter, offer of employment dated 2018 and additional family information which I sent faster than asap again.

    My medical was booked, done and uploaded within 2 weeks. Along with other required documents. I ensured I uploaded all my document simultaneously to avoid delay.

    On November 21th or thereabout, they said my medical has been received and my CIC account changed to passed medical after a couple of days.

    At the beginning of December, can’t recall the exact date; my online-service account changed from processing or in progress to decision made but my actual CIC account remains as medial passed only.

    I was excited, confused and scared at the same time, trust me, the struggle is real out here.

    I called the office after some days of high blood pressure, took awhile but finally got through sometime in the afternoon after trying in the early hours of the morning. The agent asked some security questions and checked my file.

    He mentioned I have passed my medical which was no surprise but went further to inform me that I also passed every other check as far as he can see but cannot say the next step.

    Given my application is way off the 19-month average, they might decide to delay my passport request, or they might not.

    So that all I have for now, I guess my final waiting games has started

    -Hope this gives someone else peace of mind cos I hate writing and ended up writing a page!
  15. Any improvements for your file bro...?

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