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BC pnp PR inland paper submission October 2018

Discussion in 'Provincial Nomination Program Immigration' started by Den 100, Nov 19, 2018.

  1. Application Recieved :18-10-2018
    Waiting for AOR
    Can I get to know how long it will take to get aor in BC ?
  2. Hope you will receive AOR in about 30-45 days
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  3. Please post your update
    My app received oct 12, still waiting for aor
  4. Definitely I will..! Pls post you update whn u recieved yours..!
    Best of luck...
  5. Are you applying under express entry pnp ?
  6. Are you in Sai Gon?
  7. Mine is under federal B.C. pnp...!
    No,mine is federal B.C. pnp...!
  8. Any new ...! Any updates..?
  9. Haven’t received anything. Stressfully waiting for aor
  10. Why it’s takes so long..? Any updates...?
  11. my app has been sent exact 8 weeks already, too stress
    I also applied TRV in october and still havent received any information. i called cic couple days ago and it said will take up to 103 days to process my application even though on the website it states processing application received on nov 14.
  12. Dear, Any updates regarding the file number...?
  13. Hello, I have applied for EEBC PNP with score 107, my question is i work for BC Health Authority with NOC B 2282 and i have heard that certificate of incorporation and business license for public organization is not available. If there is anyone in forum who have been through same process as i am or have some information about the employer documents please reply. Any help will be appreciated Thanks

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