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BC PNP File Submitted in April 2017

Discussion in 'Provincial Nomination Program Immigration' started by Sukhjitcse14, Apr 6, 2017.

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    My file status is still "Applied".
  2. Here below is my time line:

    BC PNP was approved in Oct, 2016.
    All files(paper application)sent to Sydney Office on 28th, Nov, 2016.
    CIC AOR with UCI received on 5th, Feb, 2017. (Sunday, isn't it wired?)
    Waiting for my medical notice now......

    How about yours?

    Let us share our time line here. Thanks.
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  3. Hello guys, could u pls tell me what's the approx minimum crs score on which bc pnp nomination is received..And what about other provinces pnp crs minimum eligibility, if any idea.Thanks.
  4. This year I think 70 is the minimum score for BC PNP and It usually go down at the end of year. Good luck
  5. My timeline-
    Noc- 0632 (hotel assistant manager)
    Express international gruaduate entry
    ITA RECEIVED- 8 MARCh 2017
    File submitted- 30 march,2017
    Now waiting
  6. Hi
    This is our timeline so far
    Invited to apply 17/02/17
    Application submitted 26/02/17
    We are in process at the moment so just waiting :)
    Had a email asking for more information on recruitment efforts so we send what was needed and was told case would be looked at after 4th april with or without new info
    Noc code 7271
    Skilled worker from outside Canada
  7. Applied on April 6th. International Post Graduate, SI
    I am worried since I don't physically reside in BC but I work here, meaning I commute to Vancouver everyday from Washington State.
    That can be a bad factor in my application which was proved by my friend who is working in China, though I have BC employment.
    I have prepared some proofs to show intention to live in BC, fingers crossed.
    Share your thoughts if you'd like to.
  8. Any update on your profile?
    Did you got nomination after 4 April or is it still stuck?
  9. No we are still in process at the moment ,not heard anything else
  10. hi all
    got ITA frm BCPNP on 8 march
    submitted app on 23 march
    status is 'in process'
    EEBC stream skilled worker outside canada
    has anybody any idea when will i get nomination
  11. I am also in process.
    Can I ask what document they ask you?
    They ask me for my copy of diploma with confederal date. Last date to submit document is 20 april. I already submit document. I am in express international graduate category? What's yours?
  12. hi RKahlon
    i got ITA in 17 nov
    application submission: 18 december
    EEBC Skilled worker outside canada and still waiting
    waiting from 4 months
    nobody can predict time some of my friends received their nomination within week, months or some of my friends are waiting from october, november, december 2016.
    all depends on who is your case review officer and application.
  13. No.not for semi skilled,I just helped some folks approved with 47 points and 51 points :D Food Attendants with no college education in Campbell river and 100 Mile house
  14. With no issues in about 2 months
  15. hmm its difficult to wait 4 so long... lets see what happens

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