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BC PNP Entrepreneur Changing The City

Discussion in 'Business Immigration' started by abdullah1982, Oct 6, 2018.

  1. Hi everybody

    Hoping you are doing well Guys

    I have arrive to Canad With My family With Two Years Work Permit under The BC PNP Entrepreneur Category
    I have Nominated as My Business Plan To a city Call Port Albernni Which is Located In Vancouver Island,
    After I have arrive i Have Get Very Hard Time To Find House and Location for Work, and Also Because i Have to start a new business there is a lot of Difficulty effecting my Business and Finally i have decide That, This City Is not good for my Business, This City was choosing By My Lawyer Who is Located In Toronto, I have return Back to a different city calling abbotsford ,

    The Question Now Is can i change The City ?

    Pleas if some one Have Experience how to fix This Problem Let Me Know

    Thanks in Advance
  2. Hi we are also looking forward to invest in British Columbia. I hope you won't mind sharing your
  5. Hi, even i am looking at the same route for getting a PR.
    Pls share ur experiences and the agent u used for applying.
    I believe Canadian authorities will help u in getting the city changed.
    Gd. Luck
  6. I was reading in the term of bc pnp guied I believe there is a provision you should contact a lawyer in bc who is familiar with the bc rules n start the proce
  7. I too intend but upcoming BC Regional PNP program. Can anyone guide which communities with population of less than 75000 would be ideal and good to come and stay with family and start a small business.
  8. Hi
    I have applied for BC PNP Entrepreneur programme on 24 Dec. Would really appreciate it if you could share some insight on your experience during the processing stage.
    How long did it take for your case status to change from applied to processing, how much notice did you receive for your interview? Overall how long did process take.
    Hope your business plans are coming along well in Canada.
  9. C
    Can you please tell me how much marks you are scoring out of 200 .
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    Even i am thinking of the same programm to apply for can you please share you email adress so that i can take a advise from you that would be really helpful .
    My email id - aksver2090@gmail.com
    Please email on this id from your email
  12. Can you please share me your expereince about business immigration
  13. Hi abdulah, would you mind to share me your business plan? My email : lawr20112gmail.com

    Thanks so much

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