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BC PNP Eligibility Criteria

Discussion in 'Provincial Nomination Program Immigration' started by rad_mak, May 16, 2018.

  1. Hi Everyone,

    I want to apply for BC PNP, but I read at number of places that having a job offer is mandatory. I dont think one can get a job sitting in a different country.

    Can anyone please suggest on how to get BC PNP in such case or has anyone here got a job offer being in a different country? I am a Human Resource Capital category - Information Technology professional.
  2. Awaiting comments
  3. Hi,

    BC PNP has a couple of pathways to apply to.
    For your case two of those suit: Skills Immigration, and EE BC.
    Unfortunately, both ways need a job offer from the BC employer unless you're an international post-graduate and recently (within last 3 years) graduated from the eligible BC institute with either Master's or Ph.D.
    Notice that you don't need an LMIA but you must have accepted a full-time job offer from the BC employer.
    Generally speaking, only those who have been working full-time on a valid work permit in BC in NOC skill type 0 or A or B occupations qualify and get PR.

    Good luck!

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