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bank statement for Canadian visitor visa

Discussion in 'Visitors' started by philus, Dec 20, 2016.

  1. Hi All,

    CIC says bank statement for visitor application must be in the past four months. I was just wondering if for example, I can use one printed and dated October 31st, 2016 for application that will be made on December 20, 2016. The application is for my father (I am studying in Canada).

    Basically, the bank statement dated Oct 31 has a lot of money in it and thought I could use that given most of the money have been withdrawn now :). I guess CIC cares more about the sources of money...

    Your replies will be appreciated greatly!
  2. Your bank statement must be as recent as possible.

    Having said this, your dad must prove he has the financial resources to afford his trip. Your finances do not matter for a TRV
  3. Ok. Thanks very much for your response. So, I guess 7 weeks (October 31 to Dec 20) isn't recent enough?

    I do appreciate your comment on the finances part. I was hoping to write a letter that I will be the one sponsoring him (hence using my bank statement of Oct 31). Does that mean I can't say I will be responsible for all his expenses - even if I show proof of money that I send to him every month?
  4. No.

    Your invitation letter could state that you will take care of his accommodation, travel and living expenses during his visit. However, your dad must still prove he can afford the trip (including the airfare).

    Proofs that you send money to him every month would work against getting a TRV approval.... because this will indicate he is financially dependent on you and hence, may overstay his visit
  5. Thanks Bryanna! This is really helpful.

    By the way, I should add that he's an elderly person ~ 70 years old - who has stopped working some 10 years ago.
    Given that his statements will show his monthly pension money which isn't up to 100 CAD when converted from the local curreny PLUS he literally doesn't have any savings, I guess I just simply have to transfer money to his account (possibly via another person's account).

    The only things he can show are: proof of land purchase, proof of gratuity payment (when he retired), other ties like wife and children at home.

    As per travel ticket, I only printed an itinerary online - I haven't purchased his ticket since we dont know what visa application outcome will be. I once used just the itinerary for my mother-in-law's (currently with us but will be leaving before my father comes) visitor visa.
  6. Don't do this. It could result in a refusal as the bank balance would not match his ITRs/income. Visa officers do add two plus two to see if finances match up.

    Has he reinvested the gratuity payment into some other financial investments? For example, bank term deposits, shares, etc. If so then he can include evidence of these.

    Is he financially dependent on the other children?
    Are his wife or children working? If yes, then they could provide a Letter of Financial Support along with their bank statements to support his visit

    He could include annual pension renewal + land (if it is agricultural/farm land then any income earned from it.... or building approval plans if it is commercial plot of land) as some of the reasons he must return.

    It would also help if you keep his visit to 2-3 weeks max + if he has some travel history to countries like the US/UK/Schengen.

    And you must draw up a well-defined day-by-day itinerary for sightseeing, meeting friends/relatives, etc.

    This is fine
  7. Thanks so much once again! I so much appreciate these thoughts which I wouldn't have otherwise crossed my mind.

    This seems a bit difficult :). He didn't reinvest the money from gratuity (and actually that was collected many years back - 2004), and other children and wife back in my country don't support as their income is very low too :-(.

    I wanted to risk applying and see if I can be lucky but I think a better way will perhaps be to wait till I graduate (I'm currently studying in Canada, with my spouse on work permit and currently working). I think I'll just invite him then telling CIC he is visiting for my phd graduation. I assume CIC won't have high hopes as per his low financial status, given that I'll just write that he's visiting for a week or two. Do you think chances of refusal is slimmer here?
  8. It's a good idea to wait a while to apply i.e when you graduate.

    In the meanwhile, your dad could look at establishing somewhat stronger ties to his home country. For example, through family reasons/ties, maybe volunteering or charity work, and he could include a must-return-by-date for a family event/pension renewal/some other reason
  9. Hi Philus... if this helps: usually on all of my applications with CIC, instead of submitting a bank statement, I usually as my bank for a "balance certificate". Most banks will usually issue that upon a customers request, and it comes in a standard format. It usually lists all the information that identifies you (e.g. name, DOB etc.) and then they will list all the bank accounts, funds, investments etc. that you have with them and the balance of each one along with its US dollar value on the day the letter was issue. This way you have everything neatly and clealrly on one sheet of paper. I find it more convenient than sending statements and it is also less confusing which helps make your application more straightforward once it is being reviewed by an immigration officer. Good luck!
  10. @bluesfan

    A bank certificate is a good idea for a host. However, in the case of a TRV applicant, the visa officer would like to see the transactions over a certain period of time, say 4-6 months. This is to verify that income stated matches with the bank balance + the bank balance has not been inflated through borrowings/cash deposits just before applying for a visa
  11. Yes this is called "personal assessment" and it works
  12. Thanks to you all! You guys are the best. Imagine, little things I would have ordinarily overlooked, now I know how valuable they can proof. Yes, he goes for pension screening periodically and of course he is involved in a community activity.

    To increase visa issuance chance, I'd rather wait till I graduate :'(.

    I call him my father - because he was responsible for my upbringing and paid for my education all through to my university degree. He is actually my step-father BUT he did more than a father. Through his help I'm where I am today, so it is my desire to invite him for a visit.

    I wish all applicants the very best. Canada is a welcoming country.
  13. Hello everyone, I'm thinking of inviting my common law husband here in canada, can somebody show some sample of invitation letter pls. Thank you
  14. Hello.

    I want to know one thing that how much balance required for visitor visa if i travel with 4 person(me/my wife/2kids)

    Even i dont have any travel history on my passport.so what are the chances to get visitor visa..
  15. Your liquid finances should be earned by you + it should match your declared sources of income and taxes paid.

    In other words, you must be able to prove you have the finances to pay for your visit (tickets for your family + hotel + expenses + surplus) without borrowing from anyone and without depending too much on your Canadian host (if you have one).

    It would depend on a number of factors: For example, why do you want to visit + why does your family want to visit with you + do you have a host/relative or friend + what strong ties can you prove to your country of residence + your financial situation in your country of residence, etc

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