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Background check- Not applicable.

Discussion in 'Canadian Experience Class' started by ts19, Mar 18, 2017.

  1. AOR February 8,2018.
    Inland :pNP stream
    BG N/A
    Review: 'The additional documents...being reviewed '
  2. Any updates on your side mate??
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    Hi guys!

    Please i need your advice!since we couldn’t link the account online. From the cic status tool through their number:

    Last week my status was:

    Medical passed
    Interview completed, after the interview the officer asked more documents so we sent them back
    No need for fingerprints
    Background not started yet


    Medical passed
    Interview completed
    No need for fingerprints
    Background is not showing anymore... weird! It means what???
  4. Hi all again, I have checked my ecas status and it says now Decision made. So nervous
  5. Bacground check status - feb 2018
    Still bacgeound checking april 11
  6. Hi guys,

    So my application is paper base AINP.
    2016/10/14 send to CIC
    2016/12/30 start to processing
    2018/01/04 medical submitted
    2018/01/10 medical pass
    2018/01/20 we are processing your BGC.

    Also didn't request for additional doc except the fee which was payed in March 2017.

    Anyone similar any idea How long can this go?
  7. Almost similar timeline as yours. BGIP started on 8th Jan 2018.
    No update as of today.

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