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B4 and B4A forms

Discussion in 'Skilled Worker / Professional Immigration' started by tran, Aug 20, 2010.

  1. http://www.cbsa-asfc.gc.ca/publications/forms-formulaires/b4-eng.pdf


    I need help in filling up the forms. Thanks in advance.

    For B4 form, do I need to fill cargo control number, accounting document number, and IMM 5292 No.

    Can I put my name(principal applicant) in B4 form, and my wife's name(dependent) in B4A form?
  2. Form B4 & B4A explained...

    A. No, u don't fill those numbers, they r for office use.
    B. No, u don't fill separate names, it should be the PA's only, in both the Forms (if u must fill the B4A).

  3. Appreciate if you could send your sample filled FORM B4 to me on te below email:


  4. Not possible, 'coz those writable pdf's r not savable.
  5. Do I fill my current address(Vietnam) for the importer's address(B4)? Thanks
  6. Hi All,

    I'm traveling to Canada to complete my "Landing" in a couple of weeks time. I'm my POE for Landing is going to be Toronto Airport. I'm a NS-PNP so post Landing I will fly to my Destination - Halifax. My wife is the Primary and she has already done her "Landing" at the CIC Halifax Office. I'm the Secondary and I'm traveling to merely complete the "Landing" formalities. I will be staying in Halifax for 2 weeks and then return to India.

    I will be carrying very less items on me (My office Laptop + 15Kg checkin baggage). I'm going to carry some medicines for my wife and few other small cosmetics items for her. I will not be traveling with any jewelry apart from the silver ring which I wear on my finger.

    I will never ship any goods through a International Relocations Company from India to Canada in the future. At the max going forward each time we travel from India to Canada my wife might carry some clothes and jewelry in luggage and on herself.

    Do I still need to fill out the form B4 & B4A?

    Any answers will be appreciated.
  7. Hi

    No Canadian address

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