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Discussion in 'Health' started by cherfs, Sep 12, 2017.

  1. Hi everyone! i just want to ask the opinion of the group. I have a 5yr old son diagnosed with mild autism 2yrs ago and undergone speech therapy and occupational therapy. But as of june 2017 we were instructed by the dev ped to stop his speech therapy but the ot is still once a week. He has a high functioning autism.. And yesterday, our medical for our application was done and he answered all the questions asked to him by the doctor.. but we still have to go back to the dev ped to get a final report about his condition.. do we have a chance to approve our application? thank you!
  2. Hard to say but I would start thinking about what you will do if you receive a procedural fairness letter.
  3. yes i know what would i feel but im still hoping..
  4. thank you! do we have the same case?

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