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August AOR 2017

Discussion in 'Express Entry / Expression of Interest' started by andy108, Jul 26, 2017.

  1. Can u please send me the whatsapp invite for AUG AOR group.

    I am AUG 23 AOR. FSWO.

  2. Hi all
    I just spoke with Cic agent,and I was told that my application was approved on 29 November.
    They will just need to send a confirmation letter.
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  3. any update yet!!
  4. Congrats !!! That’s so exciting ! I pray to God my husband’s application will be approved soon too
  5. Hi Guys

    Aug 10 AoR and my LVO is Port of Spain - I have been stuck in NA2 since Aug 28. I was recently told by my LVO that they are still processing my application and will let me know if any additional information is required.
    :( no sight of PPR yet
  6. Thank you
    All what I have to do is wait for correspondence
  7. Hi
    Congrats. You r going to get the mail.
    Mine changed to. IP2 From. Na3 after fifty five days. Hope I will get PPR. Soon.all the best
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  8. wow! 2 weeks after approval and no email?
  9. Than
    Thank you,I just need to wait for an email now...
    You will get your soon... all of you..
  10. Yes,
    She said that they have 30 days to send this letter, and if I don't receive it by 3 January I should give them a call..
    Hopefully I will get it soon
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  11. yeah you will get it sooner or later since your file is approved which is the important part :) congrats!
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  12. Please share your timeline and LVO
  13. August 17
  14. I submitted additional documents on Dec 4th, and currently look to be in IP1..(your application is in progress... for background). I tried emailing to see what VO is processing my account but haven’t heard back. Should I try calling or just be patient? (I’m very antsy about this...) they requested RPRF mid September and I paid it then so I’m not sure.

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