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August 2019 NOI under AINP

Discussion in 'Provincial Nomination Program Immigration' started by pisces88, Aug 27, 2019.

  1. Hi, I’m starting this new thread for all those who received a Notification of Interest Letter (NOI) under AINP, specifically for this month of August 2019. Feel free to share your application updates/timeline; and/or post any queries that you may have, so we can brainstorm information and ideas.

    My NOC is 3012, CRS 430; and my timeline is as follows:
    15 August: NOI received
    18 August: NOI accepted
    20 August: Document Checklist and AINP012 Form received
    23 August: Documents couriered via DHL
    27 August: Documents delivered and received
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  2. NOC?
  3. Above-mentioned NOC 3012 :)
  4. Hi, I have the exact same timeline and NOC as you.

    EE profile creation
    : 14/02/19
    CRS: 413
    NOC: 3012
    NOI received: 15/08/19
    NOI answer: 16/08/19
    Checklist received: 16/08/19
    Documents Sent via DHL: 23/08/19
    Documents delivered
    : 26/08/19
    File number received: Waiting...
    Nomination received: Waiting...
    ITA: Waiting...
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  5. Hi, @RN-LauraB! Nice to know, thanks for sharing :)
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  6. Hi Laura

    I am poonam and I too god AINP NOI on aug 15th let’s keep thread alive sent you a message to guide each other
  7. Thats great Poonam, thanks for sharing. Please let me know when you have received your file number etc.
  8. I am few other AINP groups and understand that file numbers are given after 2-3 weeks because of high volumes
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  9. Good to know. Fingers crossed it doesn't take too long.
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  10. We really hope we’d get it soon
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  11. Hi I just recieved the NOI on Aug 28, preparing for the documents now.
    Do you have education in AB or live in AB? I don't have any education experience or job offer in AB...
  12. None of us forum have AB education experience or relatives. That is best to my understanding

    Until now all are RN’s
  13. Hi, don't worry about it. It's not mandatory to have education or job offer in AB. A lot of candidates were given NOI letters without those, and I'm one of them
  14. I also don't have any education, job experience or relatives in Alberta and have been given a NOI letter on the 15th August.
  15. nice.. So as per the check list on job and relatives, you dint send any thing to that effect?

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