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Attestation of documents necessary?

Discussion in 'Skilled Worker / Professional Immigration' started by hemu_vnit, Jun 9, 2012.

  1. Hello guys,

    Here is simple question from me. I am applying for PR under Quebec selected workers category. Do I need to get the copies of the documents certified? Or can I simply submit them without any attestation?

    Please answer. Thanks
  2. u need notarised copies of ur documents...means they need to be attested by a notary public.
  3. Thanks !!
  4. kindly visit

  5. @Hemu yes,u need to notorise all ur photocopied documents cos it is the only thing that shows the authenticity of ur documents.
  6. Actually, I have already got my CSQ. I am applying for federal application now. So I wanted to know if federal application also requires to submit the certified copies.
  7. Hi Hemu,
    After going thru your your question and advice given to you, I went through the document check list IMM5612E and the instruction guide, it is no where mentioned that the photocopies are to be certified or attested, the only documents required to be notarized are the translated copies of the documents which are not in English or French.

    I am no expert and if others disagree please provide the link or details where it mentions that the copies are to be notarized or certified. It will be a learning for me :)
  8. Actually, what you said is right. I also referred to the same checklist and it does not mention that the documents should be certified. But some people I know have submitted the certified copies and so I want to get inputs from more expert people here. But if it is requirement, then they should have mentioned clearly on the website. That is why I am confused.
  9. from what I have gathered till now from the study of CIC website, the documents can be sent unattested and that will not be a problem as they have their own way of verifying the documents, however living in countries like India we are used to getting our documents notarized and that is why most of the people here advice you to get them notarized.
  10. getting a notary is a big joke in some countries( like mine !!). The notary seldom checks the original and also will give you an affidavit for any damn think you wan. lol
    CIC is aware of all this. Notary or not ,they will have their own methods to verify the authenticity.

    Nevertheless, if the check list says, notarized copies, then they must be notarized!
  11. maran nething notarized is sueable. so notarized still has its importance then a mere copy. cic do ask for notarized copies.
  12. My suggestion:
    Why take a chance? Just get it notarized, especially if it doesn't cost much in your country!!!
  13. simple answer ...yes you need attested copies
  14. Can you please show me the link where it says so? At least, in the checklist for PR application (QSW), it does not say anything like that. I am from India but now in Canada and applying from here and here it is damn expensive to get the copies notarized.

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