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ATLANTIC Immigration Pilot Project-- post here

Discussion in 'Provincial Nomination Program Immigration' started by avisin, Apr 1, 2017.

  1. Is there someone got Endorsement from any province yet?
  2. All individuals interested in pursuing future immigration opportunities to Atlantic Canada should begin preparing before our April return:
    Language exams, i.e. IELTS General Training
    Educational credential assessment (ECA)
    Proof of work experience
    Sufficient liquid settlement funds
  3. Could you please let us know how to apply for this .

    Whatsapp : 99869 59299
  4. Hello everyone, can you please confirm me that we will get a work visa or PR if we apply through this program of immigration. Thanks atul
  5. First thing you need to do is find employer.. employer will apply endorsement for you and then you will PR with that endorsement
  6. PR process is 6 months if employer need to fill position urgently then you will get work permit mean while
  7. Thanks buddy, so, if someone opt for work visa because of the urgent hiring requirement of employer, so can he get the PR after six or seven months approx.?

    Also, I believe spouse is not eligible to go on my work visa as it is in the case of PR.? Thanks
  8. Yes spouse will get PR application process with you, but only you will get work permit
  9. How to get an employer
  10. Aplly job on job bank or other websites if experience in intended occupation
  11. Hi Avis,
    If you have whats up group, please send me the link:
  12. Hi
    Any employer in computers or call center help plz to get a contact and settle in the area, need help from you all to settle with my family.

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