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As a permanent resident, can I sponsor my mom to become a PR holder while she has a US green card?

Discussion in 'Permanent Residence in Canada' started by BLUE100THN, Nov 1, 2019.

  1. I am a canadian permanent resident. I will love for my mom who is a US green card holder to come and live in Canada. Does anyone know anything and or assist in this?
  2. You can sponsor her for PR if you meet the requirements to sponsor and are selected. The fact she has a US green card is irrelevant to the process.
  3. Note that the PGP program for 2020 has not been announced yet and there is no information available on how, or even IF, it will be run.
    It's most likely to be different from this year's program, given the difficulties that it faced.
  4. And from your previous postings , it appears you’re a new PR , you’ll have awhile to wait
  5. Do note that if she does become Canadian PR, the US officials may revoke her US PR (GC).

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