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As a Canadian PR, what are my options?

Discussion in 'Permanent Residence in Canada' started by Mirapakay, Oct 7, 2019.

  1. No you have to actually earn that much in Canada. Most people can’t apply for supervisa for a year. You have to count your parents in the family size. If both parents arrive and you are single that would be a family of 3.
  2. Thank you @canuck78 ! I get your point but, my question is, if I don't get a job in the next three months, am I not eligible for applying supervisa for my parents despite having enough funds with me in Bank (US and Indian Accounts together) to cover for my parents for an year?
  3. Correct. IRCC looks at income, not savings.
  4. Thanks @canuck_in_uk ! I hope that wouldn't be the case for visitor visa at least. So, if I get a job now, I wouldn't be able to show all the funds at a time until a year right or at least by end of this tax year? How would IRCC calculate in that case? Would I not be able to apply Supervisa before end of this year for my parents in that case?
  5. For a TRV, savings can be used. For a supervisa, it is income.
  6. So, I would not be able to apply for Supervisa until I file my taxes after January?
  7. You could try by showing your payslips but apparently many are refused without an NOA.
  8. Your parents can’t move to Canada so what if you had to wait until they got a supervisa? You could visit them this year. Assume they have a home that they have been living in for years maybe even decades.
    1. I've got a home in a province but if I get a job offer in different province, I will be relocating to the new province only for this job and will have my permanent address in the current province. Which province should I be filing my taxes for at the end of the year?
    You pay provincial taxes based on where you live on December 31.

    1. Also, if I don't get any job until end of this year, do I still file CRA tax returns or just IRS tax returns for this year
    File a CRA return even if you have zero income. Only file with the IRS if there is a US job in this.
    1. Continuation to #2, do I have to get out of province inspection again in the new province since I will be only staying there for 6 months for the job?
    You only need to get your car recertified provincially if you replate the vehicle in another province.

    1. If there is a job offer for 6 months from US, can I drive my Canadian plated car for 6 months in US, or do I need to do the whole export/import process again along with US registration?
    If you are only in the US on a temporary basis you don't need to do anything about your car. If you establish a residence in the US most states require you change everything within 30 days.

    Regarding health cards, my daughter moved from Quebec to Ontario and had no valid health card for three months.
  9. I am still employed with my US company and working remotely and getting paid. So, I am technically getting payslips from them but not sure if that would qualify me for applying Supervisa.
  10. Hi, the point is not them moving to Canada. Since they are getting old, I thought a Supervisa can at least help them to stay with me for 2 years instead of traveling with a visitor visa for every 6 months.
  11. Thanks @msweet42 for all the info. Appreciate it.

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