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Discussion in 'Family Class Sponsorship' started by JoshC, Mar 28, 2019.

  1. No update since MEP and initiation of backgroud check...
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  2. Awaiting decision help on time line
    PA: India
    Application: April 2nd
    AOR : May 31st
    RPRF : June 5th
    Medical Req: June 5th
    Medical Complete: July 16th
    Bio req: July 2nd
    Transfer to NDVO : July 8 th
    Bio Complete : July 15th
    DM : ??
    PPR: ??
    Will update in future. But I would like to know how much more time
  3. Guys, my wife did the medicals and they've been approved since last week, but the file hasn't been transferred yet.
    Any idea why? or how much longer would it take?
    I see most people having the file transferred even before medical exams being done.
    SA is approved, biometrics, etc...
    Thanks for any help!
  4. Did you check your GC key account it should say the medical was completed in "date"
  5. It says approved since July 12th
    But no news about transferring the file
    Just very worried about that!
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  6. I just got the email like a week ago saying that they transferred my spouse's file to NDVO. So. I would say give it a bit. Also, did you get request for biometrics
  7. Biometrics is done and SA also approved
  8. Mine too. I am waiting for final approval, which I don't know when it would be. As for your case, the file transferred 2 weeks after biometrics request. So sit tight
  9. They were requested on June 24th done on June 26th and approved in GCKey on June 27th

    Well, I'll give it few more days...
  10. just received bio dated 16th July. hope I will receive medicals soon.
  11. Anyone who is April AOR waiting for sponsorship approval mail?
  12. What do you mean?
  13. Hi Mamta... did u receive any correspondence in regards to file transfer to VO?
  14. I am waiting for sponsorship approval mail. ecas just changed to decision made on sponsorship section. hope it's positive.
  15. Applicants from Pakistan ... have you all guys got your files transferred to VO ?

    If YES, which VO your file got transferred ?

    Also, Are you guys done with Bio-metrics and Medicals ?

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