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Discussion in 'Family Class Sponsorship' started by LightRose, Mar 30, 2019.

  1. nothing yet
  2. Okay same with me
    When you have applied?
    When you did your medical exam ?
  3. Hi
    Did they started your background check?
  4. Application Submitted: April 15th
    Medical Passed: August 21st
    And finally my OWP was approved on September 13th! I'm so excited to finally work!
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  5. It’s my wife’s application (inland)

    Application received : 24th May ‘19
    AOR: 30th May (yes, 6 days)
    Return of OWP: 11th June
    Resent OWP: 12th June
    OWP Received: 19th June

    ***no more updates***
    Can’t connect OWP application to online account.
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  6. I started background check and then got a ghost update a day later. Is this a ghost update or was the email just late?
  7. You guys done with your medical ?
  8. Checked my account today. They started with background check. Updated spreadsheet. What's next guys?
    Did anyone receive additional document request (apart from PCC)?
  9. Got mine yesterday, along with additional document requests. I need additional proof of cohabitation and a form filled out for my "police service". I worked in a prison for 15 years, I guess that counts to that officer.

  10. Did u have to give biometrics??
  11. Whats ur update? Did u have to give biometrics?
  12. Thanks frootloopinthebathtub for your response. With regards to proof of cohabitation, what additional documents are you planning to provide. Can you share your experience if you don't mind.
  13. Congrats to those who got their AIPs this week. Do you get an email/message or you simply check your status online?
  14. my wife got an email that her PERMIT WP EXT has been approved for next 2 years and mailed to our address, is it work permit?
  15. Yes, I'm pretty certain. My wife got that same email today. Wouldn't make sense for it to be anything else, as they've already received their emails for the 1 year visitor permit.

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