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>>>>>>>>April 2019 AoR<<<<<< Join here

Discussion in 'Express Entry / Expression of Interest' started by legalfalcon, Mar 30, 2019.

  1. Congrats!
  2. :)
  3. My CIC account didn't update to its final decision page until I received my COPR.
    Whats the status now? Did you get a reply?
  4. I think I missed your question Kayne, sincere apologies. Let me check.
  5. Yeah, I got it.
  6. AOR- 26 April 2019, Medicals Passed- 6th June, Biometrics- 7th June,
    Ghost Update- 7th November, RPRF request- 8th November (along with additional documents of proof of funds), RPRF paid- 8th November
    Now waiting for PPR.
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  7. Congrats , you will get in a weeks time
  8. I have been asked additional documents, so I am assuming it might delay a bit longer. But hopefully, I will get it soon. Thanks @Sahil Chadha
  9. Hi Everyone,
    Its PPR raining ! Thanks for your support, feedback and wishes. I wish each and everyone good luck for future endevarors.
    Below are the timelines for your info.
    AOR 26th Apr
    Medical Passed 5th June
    Biometrics 15th June
    Completion Date 26th Oct
    RPRF 2nd Nov
    PPR 9th Nov

    Best Regards
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  10. @Sahil Chadha Congratulations!
  11. Congrats... Finally april 26 is moving
  12. Congrats. You will get it soon
  13. Congratulations
  14. Status is same since biometrics. " We are processing your application. We are processing your background verification. We will contact you if we need more information."

    No reply received for webform raised.
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  15. Hello everyone,

    Received PPR today morning. My timeline is below:
    AOR April 29
    MEP June 7
    Biometrics June 11
    Silence after that for a long time
    Spoke to IRCC November 1 and found out that eligibility was recommended pass and background checks were in progress
    Finally PPR November 9

    I wish everyone the best of luck for the future. This forum has been a great help and I am so happy to see slowly slowly everyone is receiving the golden email.

    God bless you all!
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