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Discussion in 'Family Class Sponsorship' started by andy108, Apr 3, 2018.

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    Sent application to CIC on 04/03/18 and is suppose to be delivered on 04/04/18. I have checked other forums and it takes around 49-50 days to receive AOR, the waiting game has begun..
  2. Is there any Whatsapp group for Spousal Sponsorship? Thank you
  3. Will be sending our application this week!
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  4. Hi guys My application was delivered today based on the tracking number via canada post express but there was no signatory name. Im just wondering it cic already receive it.
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  5. Did you request for a signature?
  6. No. So what is it going to happen?
  7. It just won’t be signed. You can check Canada Posts website and confirm that it has been delivered. You just have to enter your tracking number that you were provided with
  8. i checked it and it says it has been delivered. im juts worried because it has no signatory name.
  9. Don’t be, it has been received
  10. even if i forgot to request for a signatory?
  11. Of course.
  12. Ok thank you so much for the reply.
  13. APP received today, at CIC!
    R Mahmood sign for it..
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