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approved trv visa can be stamped in other country

Discussion in 'Visitors' started by malahim, Sep 7, 2016.

  1. My question is i am going to usa from there i have plan to visit Canada now i am in Saudi Arabia if i apply online here and then go to USA if approved can i stamp that visa in USA from canada embassy??? if someone knows or have experiance
  2. Yes, it is possible to get your TRV stamped when you are in the US. You'll have to contact the US visa office to request you to submit your passport.

    Do keep in mind the online processing time + time required for the stamped passport to be returned to you.... before you make your travel plans for Canada
  3. Hi ,

    Apllied for TRV on Sep 7 and am waiting for the update ..but am travelling to india on Sep 28.

    So, can i get my VISA staming done in India ... what will happen if the TRV application is rejected or further action like medicals etc., are required.
  4. Yes, you can. You must contact the relevant India visa office (after you get a passport request) to allow you to submit your passport at the nearest VFS.

    It could take 7-10 days (if there are no holidays) to get your passport back.

    You will get a refusal letter. You will have to reapply

    Medicals are generally not asked for visitors (short length of visit)
  5. Bryana

    Please tell me... my family has US visas if they travel to US can they make an application there to visit canada.
  6. It's best to apply from India where your parents have strong ties. Do not apply from the US.

    I'm quite confident that your parents will get TRVs if you prepare their applications properly. They have excellent ties to India.

    About your wife and daughter.... well, I'm not so confident even though she has strong ties..... the reason is you want your entire family (except for one of your brother's) to accompany you to Canada. This will reduce the chances of all of them getting TRVs as their family ties to Canada will be stronger than that to India
  7. Bryanna

    Well I'm just wondering even if i just want my wife n daughter to visit first and may be parents later. how will that happen as family ties for my wife n daughter will still be stronger in canada.
    also refusal letter doesn't have this option ticked. please share your email id so i can show u the refusal letter. its quite weird. when my wife was denied right after our wedding in 2013 they gave purpose of visit and unemployment as reason. Last application she was being sponsored by our family friends from canada who are financially very strong they make about 200k CAD a year and provided everything like NOA Bank statements and even notarised invitation letter.

    Please help me get this visa as our case is genuine. whole family been traveling together every year almost to different places for last 3-4 yrs if they don't get canadian visa they will head to USA. i could always go over but its a shame that they can't use the same money in Canada.

    Please help me with cover letter and some one mentioned some sworn affidavit sample.
  8. @sayadil

    Please post the individual strong ties for your parents, wife and your brother + purpose of their visit + how long do they want to visit + why do all of them want to visit together (vis-a-vis at different points in time)

    Your family has excellent chances of getting TRVs. As your paperwork does the talking to the visa officer, you need to present their documentation properly. It's not difficult to do this

    Do note that affidavits will not work. Only hard evidence will prove any statements you make
  9. Hi Bryanna,

    I noticed that you have been very helpful on the forum so reaching out to you for some help. I am about to apply for visitor visa for my mom.

    1. What is recommended to apply for visa in India...online or paper based? Is there any difference in timelines for processing?

    2. My mom currently has 10 year US visa. She also had Canada tourist visa and super visa in the past (both expired). Does it enable her for expedited processing? I heard about CAN+ program. How to apply for visa online under this program? I tried online application but it asks me for all the documents required under regular processing so I am not sure how to do CAN+ online.

    3. Any suggestions you would like to make for online visa application? Any points which can be beneficial.

    Thanks so much...



  10. How will I show strong ties. They are running a big business here for so many years have property running in few millions they can't abandon everything and overstay a visa when they have never done it on their previous Canada or U.K. Or USA visit.

    What should I say why they want to visit together they take a family trip every year youngest son is a student so he can't travel rest all want a holiday.

    Most obvious thing is that being a PR for 11yrs I could have sponsored them anytime if they wanted to live in Canada but they don't want to.

    Hope you or someone can share a sample cover letter ... and in what order should we keep the documents
  11. @nubee

    It's a matter of personal preference.

    Paper applications will be processed by the visa office that's responsible for the region/city where you live, whereas online apps could be processed anywhere globally.

    Yes, she can apply under CAN+. This program means submitting fewer financial documents.

    If you apply online, the cover letter must state that she is applying under CAN+.... you must scan the entry/exit stamps/visas for the US/Canada (last 10 years).

    You can make a combined PDF file for the evidence
  12. @sayadil

    You'll have to post the list of strong ties/documents for each family member separately so that we can help you.

    That's why you have to prove these facts to the visa officer through hard evidence.

    You can prepare a day-by-day itinerary for sightseeing, visiting family/friends, etc

    Yeah, okay.... but as you have been outside Canada for a long time, it would give the wrong impression that your family is trying to move back with you on a long-term basis.

    As their host, do you have a Canada address for the invitation letter?

  13. please share ur email bryanna. i need to see what should go in the cover letter and in what order should we put documents.
    i have bank statements for all travelling even my one year old daughter.
    have combined fixed deposits around 45000 CAD maturing next year. belonging to my wife and mother.
    Property documents of atleast 4-5 properties worth more than 5mil CAD belonging to my dad only.
    have two cars worth close to 450000 CAD one is 2013 and other one just purchased few months ago. with pics and registeration
    All travel history of whole family including photocopies of entry exit of last canada visit of parents entry exit of wife to usa europe uk and all other countries. pics from my parents last trip to canada. my family has been traveling together for a holiday every year since 2013 when i got married, parents have also been traveling to perform hajj every year for last few years. we are taking a vacation now as well if its not canada it will be usa sadly.
    return tickets to canada
    my invitation letter

    if you could share an email i could share my invitation letter and cover to see if u can help me improve it. father is ready to sign a bond as a garuntee they would return within a month at any cost.
  14. I applied my trv from inside canada but they took so long and i have a flight to catch on 21 nov so is it possible to go as planned and after getting my visa approval i get it stamped from the nearest VAC centre? Like is rhis rule still applicable or they changed it?
  15. Yes, you can submit it to the VAC in the country you're visiting. Or it may be possible to mail your passport directly to the visa office if it is allowed for that country.

    Do keep in mind the time required for passport transmission + your actual stay in that country before you submit your passport there

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