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Approved Online Visitor Visa: Passport Return Times

Discussion in 'Visitors' started by weekendtourist, Feb 11, 2013.

  1. Hi all,

    This forum has helped me a lot in navigating the often-complicated process of Canadian visa applications. Thank you.

    My wife and I had our online visitor TRV applications approved recently. We were asked to send our passports (with the letters we received) to the New York consulate. I thought that the consulate returns stamped passports within a day or two, but we have not heard back from them for about a week now. Should we be worried? I did enclose a USPS Express envelope as instructed. I tried to track that envelope on the USPS website, but it has not been shipped yet.

    I am curious how long it took the consulate to return other people's passports. Also, what is the best way to contact the consulate for such inquiries?

    Thank you,
  2. Did you hear back?
  3. Thanks, hks11. I just saw that our passports were shipped back. If anyone with similar concerns is reading this thread in the future, please allow the Consulate at least about a week before you start to worry. Also, do not forget to keep the tracking number for the self-addressed envelope you send them.

    Overall, I did not like that the Canadian consulate does not give applications any communication channels. The entire application process seemed a bit hostile. Did anyone have a similar experience?
  4. I agree. The online application seems quite misleading, confusing to say the least.

    I'm wondering if you could tell us how long did the CIC take to get back to you? From what I heard they take quite long. I submitted my TRV application online on Feb 12 and haven't heard back yet. Had I known better I would've definitely submitted paper application to New York office directly.
  5. Tehy are still processing 30 Jan applications. I sent mine 4th Feb and nothing as yet. Patience.

  6. Which country are you in? Canada?
    I applied TRV on Jan 30 and was asked to send my passport to CPP-Ottawa. They received my passport on Feb 22. I haven't anything back since then.
    I sent them an email yesterday but didn't get a respond.
  7. Check the tracking number of the Xpresspost envelope you enclosed next week. Give them a week or more.

  8. Thanks God there is a thread about the online application processing time. My timeline:
    I uploaded my application on January 28,
    received passport request on February 19,
    sent passport with xpresspost (and prepaid return xpresspost envelope) February 21,
    passport arrived to CPP-O February 25

    Heard nothing since then. Is there anybody who can tell me how long it takes on average to have CPP-O mail the passport back. Technically, after all it is nothing else than just stamping the TRV, enclosing passport with TRV into envelope and mailing it back. Can be done within a matter of one day. Please folk share your xperience.
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  9. Next week Tuesday or Wednesday, check the tracking number of the return Xpresspost envelope you enclosed.

  10. Thanks for this information

    Yes I applied for mine online in Canada.

    I submitted and they received Feb. 4th. I just got msg form them saying to submit my passport (March 2nd) ... thing is I have to travel to Ottawa on March 18th to 20th ... do I need my passport to travel within Canada? I don't want to submit my passport to them and don't get it back in time for my trip as it is for work ... I then have to travel to DC from about April 18th ...

    So I am hoping it doesn't take more than 2 to 3 weeks once the passport has been submitted to be returned with the visa in it? If I can travel from Nova Scotia to Ottawa with just my PGWP then I would submit my passport from now but somehow I don't think so right? So what I will do is get all the documents and everythign together and soon as I return from my Ottawa trip send in my passport and hope I get it back before April 18th - thats a whole month they will have it and from what I am seeing ppl are getting back their passports within one to two weeks right?
  11. I have the the same problem my mother sent her passport to new york two weeks ago but there is still no feedback . dose anybody know how long will it take to get it back? :(
  12. Hi there, may i suggest , if you need it because of X reason, why dont u just right a letter explaining why u need it for a certain date and with proof of your statement. :D
  13. Canadian visa process is most hostile of all I have seen so far (reference, US, UK, Australia, Italy, Mexico, Singapore visa processes... yes, I have been around).

    How can they keep passports for undefined amount of time without giving any clue of what next or whom to communicate for anything? This is like throwing your passport in a blackhole and hoping that everything will turn out fine.

    Don't they realize that people are sending one of the MOST important document they possess and would highly appreciate a considerate style of handling.
  14. finally.............I got some information......CIG website is confusing.....I applied in 13th Feb and still haven't heard anything.
  15. They cant guess you need your passport for a specific date unless you let them know. They dont have a crystal ball ;)...remember that.

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