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Applying Visitor Visa from Pakistan for Wife while Husband is Canada on Work permit

Discussion in 'Visitors' started by Owaisk, Jun 14, 2018.

  1. Hi Guys,

    I'm applying for my wife visitor visa from Canada (I will use the Canada.ca online site by using using her email id).

    The plan is to bring her here in Canada on Visit visa and then apply for her open work permit, and I will send her back on last week of November ,2018.
    is this going to work has anyone similar experience ?

    How can I prove that she has strong ties to Pakistan and will return back before 6 months ?
    1. Wife & husband Passport
    2. CNIC (identity card) of Wife & Husband
    3. Marriage Certificate
    4. Educational Documents: Master’s Degree
    5. Biometrics scans
    6. Digital Photo
    7. Invitation Letter from husband
    8. Bank Statement (4 months)
    9. Employment Letter
    10. Pay slip
    11. Work Permit
    12. T4
    13. Proposed Flight Itinerary (mock flight)
  2. This is going to be very tough. I suggest you go through the Spousal open work permit route. I have had the experience of my spouse visitor's visa refusal 2/3 times and then finally she got it when I applied for her open work permit based on my work permit and skilled job here in Canada. This was 4/5 year back.
    I also know a few guys who had similar situation but eventually they got visas for their spouses through SOWP.
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  3. Hi Se7en,

    Thanks for the reply,

    The only reason I want her to apply for Visitor visa because that seems to be the quicker route, and I'm thinking of revealing my true intention in invitation letter which is that I will visit Pakistan a week before her departure, there will be a Rukhsati event (where the bride leaves her parents home and settles in the groom house) and then we both will depart from Pakistan to Canada, she will stay with me and I will take care of accommodation. food and transportation. My contractual job ends in 3rd Dec, 2018, So I have to leave the city on the last week of Nov, 2018 and since I will not have a full-time job I will start part-time job in a new city (Mississauga) to handle the expenses but I believe it will be tough to rent a 1 bedroom apt and cater for food , health insurance and other expense on part-time job, So I will ask her to return back to Pakistan.

    So she will leave to Pakistan on last week of Nov,2018 and I will move to a new city, and by that time she will have a Spouse Open Work Permit (SOWP) hopefully.

    Note: Of course I wont say on the invitation letter that I will apply for her SOWP when she is here, but she will go back before 6 months.

    My biggest concern is
    Q1 ) Does visitor visa refusal will have negative impact on her SOWP application, because that's the second option if she gets rejected on Visitor visa ?
    Q2) What was the rejection reason they gave for your wife ?
    Q3) Your wife visitor visa was rejected twice ?
  4. It's also the fastest route for a TRV refusal.

    Unfortunately, IMO, this plan is a non-starter and won't make it past the visa approval gate.

    When does your WP expire?

    A visitor is not guaranteed a stay of 6 months, nor expected to stay for 6 months. Visitors are typical short stay applicants who will return to their countries of residence after a couple of weeks.

    Is your wife employed in Pakistan?
    Does she own any property or land?
    Does she have adequate finances of her own?
    Has she traveled to countries like the US, UK, Schengen, Australia, NZ, Japan, etc?
  5. 2020/11/22
    How about 4 months stay, Aug 2018 to Nov 2018.
    Her father does, but she doesn't
    She doesn't work, so No, I will take care of her expenses while she is here in Canada, her father can buy her return tickets
    No, that will be her very first air travel.
  6. Simple answer:
    IMO, her TRV application is guaranteed a refusal regardless of the visit duration that she states.

    You would want to take the suggestions given by @se7en and apply for a SOWP
  7. Both of you guys, Thanks for your suggestions, just one more question.

    My Bangladeshi friend applied visitor visa for her wife, and her request is accepted, I'm willing to take chances only if her visitor visa rejection doesn't affect her future visa acceptance (if her visitor visa is not accepted I will apply SOWP for her).
    So what do you guys have to say about this ?
  8. Every application is unique. The visa application profile of your Bangladeshi friend's wife must have been completely different from that of your wife. You cannot compare the two applications.

    It's your call if you want to risk a TRV refusal
  9. It's all up to you my friend, give it a chance if you are convinced and confident enough to apply for her visitor's visa. Generally speaking, spousal visitor's visa from Pakistan is a bit tough. I personally have bad experience even though I established enough ties for my spouse but it didn't work but finally got the work permit and it didn't take that long.
    Let us know if you need more suggestions ...
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  10. Well visitor visa if accepted will enable me and my wife to be together quickly and that is very important for us.
    I will try applying for her visitor visa if in case that is rejected I can than apply for SOWP visa.

    In your scenario how much time did SOWP processing took ?
  11. I can understand your urgency and I wish you good luck for the application.
    In my case SOWP took two months but it was 4/5 years back. Not sure about the current processing time ..
  12. Hi se7en,
    Two months is not too long IMO, current average SOWP processing time vary from 6 to 8 months, last time the online tool was showing 6.5 months.
    I will go through SOWP route, the no risk way and higher chances of visa approval.


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