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Applying spouse after Passport stamping

Discussion in 'Permanent Residence in Canada' started by Takasu20, Jul 8, 2019.

  1. Hi everyone,
    I received my ITA in September 2017 while I was single. I got married in November 2017. The migration agents through whom I applied were aware of this but advised me to wait till I get my PPR to include my spouse in the application. (Which we very stupidly agreed to. Which I now regret).I submitted my documents for passport stamping in Jan 2018. My application process took unusually long and I finally received my passport request as of Jan 2019. My agent said the first priority was to get my passport stamped in 30 days. This was further complicated because by this time my spouse and I were living in Australia since my spouse is a permanent resident here. After Passport stamping, my agent tells me there was a mistake, we cannot add my husband now and our option is to go to Canada and figure it out!! We are now in a major dilemma as to how to proceed. Should we write to CIC and explain that there was a miscommunication and inform them that we did not add my spouse before while submitting the documents? What will the consequences be? Any help will be greatly appreciated.
  2. It is mandatory that you add your spouse to your application now. You should have done that as soon as you got married. You cannot use your COPR to land and become a PR since it was issued to you as a single individual and you are now married. Using the COPR you have now is misrepresentation. This will result in you never being able to sponsor your spouse for PR and you may end up also losing your own PR status.

    Contact the visa office immediately and let them know that you are now married. You are going to have to submit all of the paperwork to add your spouse to the application as well including PCCs, etc. Your spouse will also have to complete and pass the medical before a new COPR can be issued to you. There are a number of discussions in the Express Entry section of the forum about adding a spouse to an application.

    Given you have waited so long to inform IRCC about your spoouse - it's difficult to say what they will do. But you have no choice - you have to inform them. Hopefully they will allow your spouse to be added to the application following the usual process.

    Going to Canada and figuring it out is absolutely not an option.
  3. [QUOTE = "Takasu20, post: 7988237, member: 889804"] Bonjour à tous,
    J'ai reçu mon ITA en septembre 2017 alors que j'étais célibataire. Je me suis marié en novembre 2017. Les agents des services de migration auprès desquels j'ai postulé étaient au courant, mais m'ont conseillé d'attendre que mon rapport sur la performance soit mis à jour pour inclure mon conjoint dans la demande. (Ce que nous avons très bêtement accepté. Ce que je regrette maintenant.) J’ai soumis mes documents en vue de l’estampage de passeport en janvier 2018. Le processus de demande a pris un temps inhabituel et j’ai finalement reçu ma demande de passeport en janvier 2019. Mon agent a déclaré que la priorité absolue était: faire tamponner mon passeport dans 30 jours. C'était encore plus compliqué car à ce moment-là, mon épouse et moi vivions en Australie, car mon épouse y réside de manière permanente. Après l’estampage de passeport, mon agent m’a dit qu’une erreur s’était produite. Nous ne pouvons pas ajouter mon mari maintenant et nous avons le choix d’aller au Canada pour le découvrir! Nous sommes maintenant dans un dilemme majeur quant à la manière de procéder. Devrions-nous écrire à CIC et lui expliquer qu’il ya eu un problème de communication et les informer que nous n’avions pas ajouté mon épouse avant de soumettre les documents? Quelles seront les conséquences? Toute aide sera grandement appréciée. [/ QUOTE]
    Ce n'est pas bien tout ça aide les a

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