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Applying from India

Discussion in 'Visitors' started by prasanna1157, Jul 1, 2018.

  1. Hello,

    I am trying to apply for Canadian tourist visa from India. I am in the process of uploading all my documents online. Is the whole submission process online? Or do I have to go through VFS and submit in person?

    If it's online, then do I need to submit my passport in person?

    I couldn't find this information online.

    Would someone please let me know the steps?
  2. Hi .. you have to just upload the scanned copies of the supporting documents , scanned copy of passport and digital photo and all the necessary forms from your online account. You will have to wait for the original passport request to be sent to you if your TRV is approved then you can submit your original passport for visa stamping at VFS/VAC which is nearest to you and you can submit the passport in person and also through your representative whichever is convinient for you.
  3. Thank you. So I only go in person once my visa is approved?

    Everything else is all online? Also, I don't see an option to upload financial documents or proof of funds. It's not a required document.So is that not necessary?
  4. Yes. You go and submit your passport only when requested if u are making a online application. There is a option for proof of finanacial documents when you are uploading your form. Details about your employment of business are also to be declared in your application and funds available for your visit in application form. You can submit your cover letter in other documents option in your online application. Please note that your financial documents are the core basis of your TRV. Please also upload your travel history prroof if you have any to US, UK, Schenegen countries, Australia or NZ. If you have a valid US visa you may ask for Can+ processing of your visa which would be dealt on priority. Please provide a clear color scan of the visa and ask for Can plus in your covering letter.
  5. Heyyy long time :)

    You'd need to go through the similar process as what you did three years ago. Here (although you had applied from the US at that time):
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    Hello Bryanna! Thank you :)

    1. I am applying for a friend who took a break from work and just recently started on a new job. They don't have any pay slips to show, only an offer letter? Should I even mention this in the employment section, or just list previous occupation and not talk about this current one as it's very recent with no pay slips? This is a part time job that pays cash only, so no pay slips will be available.
    2. Where do I upload proof of finances? I see 4 supporting documents - Family information, Travel history, Passport and Photo. And 2 optional documents - Schedule 1 and Client Information.
    3. How much should I show for proof of funds in the account?
    4. Anything I can provide to add to the application to improve the chances of success? I was reading somewhere that you should show strong ties with your home country, but I am not sure how I can do that with the information they ask for (especially if I don't enter current part time job details). Please advise.

    I remember uploading financial proof and also a purpose of travel letter. Where and how can I upload these?
  7. Seems pretty risky to be applying if you ask me.

    Break from work (Since how long? Why was s/he on a sabbatical?) + now new employment is part-time, no payslips, cash payment.... does not add up to legit employment (from a visa perspective), right?

    I would not apply for a TRV in these circumstances. And, if your friend would like to take a chance then s/he must be honest and declare the correct employment history, without omitting any details, in the TRV application form
  8. Yes,break for about a year. But there is proof of old employment,new offer letter etc.

    Also,would you please comment on questions 2 and 3 from my previous post?
  9. Hello,

    Could someone please help?

    Thank you.
  10. Hi,

    I am applying to invite my brother during his vacation. After his break, he will be entering his last year of high school.

    How do I show he has ties to India?

    So far, I have gathered proof of tuition payment and letter showing his school vacation period.

    My parents and I both have assets.

    I was invited by my cousin long time ago and I returned back home. I was going to show proof I left / returned Canada multiple times.

    Should I mention he is going to be checking out schools? Or not?

    Please advise. Thank you.

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