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Applying for visitor with family.

Discussion in 'Visitors' started by Jaypatel1448, Mar 24, 2019.

  1. I am planning to apply for visitor visa in april 2019 with my wife & mother (widow)

    My wife working in accounting firm from last2 years

    I m working as site manager from 8 months.

    My travel history

    Singapor 2008

    Malasiya 2008

    Thailand 2008

    Australia 2009 student

    Uk 2010 student

    Uk 2012 student

    Hongkong 2017

    My wife travel history

    Uk 2014 student

    Uk 2016 visitor

    Hongkong 2017 visitor

    Mother don”t have travel history

    Mother have very strong finance condition in india.

    Still i m confused that should i provide sponcor in file or show hotel booking ?

    My only propose is to visit canada for 2-3 weeks for my summer holidays.

    Thank you in advance for your help.
  2. 1. Do you have a Canadian host? If yes, how are you related to him/her?

    2. Can you afford the visit on your own without the financial support of your mother?

    3. Is your employment permanent and pays well?
  3. Thankyou Bryanna for reply.

    1. I have my really close friend from my same town. He used to be my teacher & very good friend from last 25 years.

    2. Me & my wife together have around 45000 dollar in our account.

    3. Yes its permanent . But do i need to show any proof of that? If yes what kind of proof i have to show that i m permanent ?

    Thanks for reply.
  4. 1. Visiting friends is generally not seen as a compelling reason to visit.

    2. Also, both your wife and your mom want to travel with you which would in turn reduce your reasons to return to India.

    3. All your previous (relevant - Australia and UK) travel history was long-stays as a student. This does not help although you can certainly include a Travel History explanation.

    4. Your employment is fairly recent (8 months). This indicates you have not fully established employment ties.

    Hope it matches the ITRs and declared sources of income for you and your wife.

    Any financial investments?
    Properties (mortgage in specific, not inherited or gifted properties)?
    Credit cards (not debit cards)?

    Yes, you must prove that your employment is a compelling reason for you to return to India.

    I highly recommend you spend the time to go through this forum + the Visa Office Instructions for India applicants (suggested list of documents.... feel free to add any additional documents to prove your strong ties, genuine purpose of visit, etc) before you apply
  5. My main purpose is to visit canada but my friend wanted me to go with him to stay for few days. Which i can change & not ask for his sponcership.

    My emplyoment is recent but my duites is skill job which i have already impressed them with my work & i dont think they can find better option then me. I know this i not practical reason to prove strong ties but still i can prove on letter.

    Both of us get salary in account so there is no problem with our ITR. Some of fund i got as a gift on my marriage last year.

    I pay around 3500 dollar every year for my insurance which is one type of investment bcos i”ll get secure return in few years. I also manage all my moms property as she can not handle bcos of her age.

    Is it good option to leave someone here from my wife & Mom?
  6. You can certainly try. Like I advised earlier, please go through this forum for suggestions to make your application stronger
  7. Thankyou very much Bryanna for ur guidence & information .
    Main thing i forgot to inform that i have applied for Us twice & got rejected. Does it make any diifrence to my current application? I have applied in august 2018 & jan 2018 for B1/B2 visitor.
  8. Don’t forget to list both refusals for your Canada TRV application is all I will advise here.
  9. Thankyou Very Much Bryanna.

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