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Applying for Visitor Visa

Discussion in 'Visitors' started by Neha Singh, Sep 13, 2018.

  1. I want to go to Canada to see my Fiance and for tourism purpose for 2-3 weeks.. I have got a letter signed from him stating he will looking after my accomodation and food. However, I only have $4500 funds to be shown for the trip. Also I am student in Australia, so I am only going there for my vacation. Would the funds be sufficient enough? Do you think attaching my student visa copy to the other files would help the immigration to trust me enough?
  2. Hi! So, my first time in Canada, I came with my fiancée to visit my father in law, I also was a student in Brazil, I came to spend 3 weeks with 1.600 cad + 1.500 cad in credit cards (was enough) I didn’t had a letter, or student documents, only a travel insurance and was fine. The agent just asked me to see my return ticket and my father in law’s address.
    Just your fiancée letter, 4.500 cad, and a return ticket should be enough to the immigration...
  3. The invitation letter he would write what high commission address should that be for? any idea?
  4. The immigration invitation letter should have the Australian Candian embassy address or Canadian and if it is Canadian any idea what the address would be?

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