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applying for visa

Discussion in 'Visitors' started by anom, Jun 13, 2018.

  1. my first application for visiting visa got rejected based on factors travel history family tie in canada and country of residence and financial assests
    i want to reapply by updating assests but how do we submit documents papers ..what is the method of adding them as supporting document..
  2. You need to reapply from scratch. You can include any evidence of your strong ties by combining all evidence and explanations as a single PDF and upload this file to the Optional/Letter of Explanation slot
  3. i have the property papers to show my ties ...is translation of whole document along with affidavit or anything else ..how exactly the document pattern should be
    thanks in advance
  4. First, if you have been recently refused, I recommend you spend some time going through forum to understand how to present a stronger application. Don't be in a hurry to reapply. And, don't address the refusal reasons in bits and pieces. Consider your application as a complete package.

    To answer your question:
    You must include certified translations for your entire property document (property ownership or property tax receipt) + a copy of the original document (not translated, notarized) + an affidavit from the translator affirming the translation is true and correct.

    You would also want to include property valuations + additional documents to confirm the indicative market valuation is correct
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  6. two months back my visa was rejected..i am trying to start again ..will surely consider ur suggestion ..thanks again

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