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Applying for study permit after visitor visa refused

Discussion in 'International Students' started by Anujin batorgil, Aug 16, 2019.

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    Hello, as u can see from the title i applied for visitor visa in July and it got refused . The reason was just purpose of visit.
    So now i'm going to apply for study permit. I am waiting for my acceptance letter from UQAM. About my education i did my bachelor in my home country by french studies and masters in France by Euro-asian relations and economic and now i'm going to study again in masters by human ressource managment in Montreal, Canada. About my job experience i have none.. but since i applied for winter semester ( i have 5 months till then) i applied for job as brand manager in my home country so planning to work there for 5 months ( 21 years old, living with my parents n grandma ) And for finance, my dad will finance me, i have my own property in my home country and my boyfriend is living in Montreal so that he can provide me with his apartment. I am thinking about hiring lawyer for my application. The question is how much chance do i have for getting study permit? Do u think they'll refuse since i already got masters degree? no job experience? and see intention of staying in Canada after my studies since my boyfriend is there? will visitor visa refusal affect ?
    Also i have no idea how i need to prove that i have intention to leave Canada after my studies.....

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