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Applying for Schengen visa as a Canadian PR

Discussion in 'Settlement Issues' started by john_petrucci, Apr 1, 2019.

  1. Hi,

    I am a Canadian PR, but for travelling to Europe I need to apply for the Schengen Visa. One thing that is confusing me is that, for applying for the visa I need to show a "Flight Itinerary or booking". Does anyone know how to get a "itinerary or booking" without purchasing the ticket? It doesn't make sense that someone purchases the ticket just to show it at the visa office and then if his visa is rejected he loses the ticket price. Any ideas?
  2. You should be able to make a reservation online without actually purchasing the ticket
  3. Only a travel agent can help you book an itinerary. When I applied, I took my chances and booked a ticket and all my hotels. I got the visa in 2 days from the Italian embassy.
  4. Thanks for the reply xylene. My itinerary might be a little complex since I plan to travel to multiple countries. I plan to stay the most in Italy, so it makes sense that I apply for the visa there. So far, my planned itinerary looks like this, entry to Rome and exit from Paris.
    Canada - Rome
    Rome - Venice
    Venice - Santorini
    Santorini - Paris
    Paris - Canada
  5. Hi, thanks for your suggestion. Do you know which website would allow me to do that?
  6. HI there,

    Schengen visa is quite easy to get if all the documents are in place. So the odds of rejection are less, at least in my opinion. I usually do with a travel agent. He can give you flight reservation tickets as well as hotel reservations. They charge their fees but it's usually cheaper than the cost of cancellation. If you are doing by yourself, then I strongly advise to go for free/partial cancellation for hotels (from sites like from agoda, hotels, airbnb etc.) and air tickets. I think visa agency do not consider booking.com as a valid proof so I personally would not take chances on booking.com.

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  7. Since you are going to spend more time in Italy, you have to get schengen visa form Italian embassy. If you spend equal times in each of the countries then you need to go the embassy of the country where you land first.
    I also had a similar itinerary. Went to Paris, then traveled through Italy and the flew back from Rome to Canada
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    I am a Permanent Resident in Canada & planning to go to Poland in this December-2019. That's why I like to apply for the Schengen Visa. I would like to do it for the long term, so I do not need to go for the Schengen Visa again. I would like to know:

    1. What will be the validity for the Schengen Visa? Am I eligible to apply 5 years multiple entry Schengen Visa?
    2. Where should I submit the Schengen Visa?
    3. Is there any link which might be helpful to process the VISA by myself?
    4. Should I do it by myself or I have to go to an agent for processing?

    Link: https://www.schengenvisainfo.com/

  9. If you are a first-time schengen applicant, you are most likely to receive visa valid for the duration you mention in your itinerary (assuming you are a tourist). Schengen short-term visa (max stay 90 days) is rarely given for 5 years.
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  10. Thanks a lot, mate
  11. Hi,

    Planning for France-Andorra-Spain-France.

    First time applicant for schengen visa (which also means I'm from a visa dependent country). Planning (initial port of entry as well as maximum time in) France then Andorra then Spain. Then I have two options:

    a. return via Spain-Andorra-France
    b. return via Spain-France

    In each case I need separate visa. For France-Andorra-Spain-Andorra-France, I need a mutiple entry visa whereas for France-Andorra-Spain-France, I need double entry visa.

    Theoretically I can plan for and hope to get the multiple entey visa but question is, I want to know what is more practical for a first time applicant? Whether I should plan my trip around a double or a mutiple entry visa given approval chances for each.

    Also note that I will have onward journey confirmed so I will be leaving schengen area at the end of my trip.

    Thanks for your responses!
  12. I am a canadian PR with an Indian passport applying for Italian tourist schengen visa. i see only available slots right now are in first week of december. I'm worried if around 20 days is enough time for me to get it approved and stamped.

    If anybody has done it recently from toronto, wanted to check how long did it take for the whole process to be completed? .I already have all the documents in place so i really am not expecting any more queries after submitting the passport

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