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Applying for parental sponsorship with active super visa

Discussion in 'Visitors' started by cjrb, Apr 16, 2018.

  1. I hope that someone dealt with this situation.

    My mom got super visa last year and came to visit me in Feb. 2017. At the border they stamped her passport with 2 year staying permit. She left on Dec. 2017 back home. In January 2018 I submitted interest to sponsor parent and just recently got positive reply. In the email it says I have to submit sponsorship application before May 25 2018. My mom wants to visit me again at the beginning of June 2018. So, I have 3 questions.

    1. If I submit sponsorship application before my mom arrives to Canada, would she have an issue at the border as I sent sponsorship application (raising red flags that she might want to stay in Canada permanently)?

    2. Because in her passport the stamp from her first visit says Jan 31 2019, does that mean if she comes back she can only stay until that day (do I need to book her return ticket for that date?) or immigration officer at the border will issue a new stamp with a new date? Preferably I would like her to stay with me here until summer 2019. I read on the forum that on 2nd entry officers only issue 6 months stay. It's so confusing.

    3. Extending stay. Let's say she can only stay until Jan. 31, 2019. Then I would want to extend her stay for another 6 months and apply for extending her stay. Would my sponsorship application create issues for extending her stay in Canada with me?

    I personally think that this super visa is so confusing. Before super visa my mom had visitor Visa and was visiting me for 6 months. With super visa being announced, I got impression that she would be able to stay up to 2 years at the time. My mom went through medical exams and also had to do the test for tuberculosis which took 6 months and the whole process of getting super visa took almost 8 month and stress on my mom to do all of medical exams. When she arrived on this super visa the border officer told her that her initial stay is 2 years and then after that it's 6 months. When she told me that I did research - and yes, apparently you can stay up to 2 years on initial entry.

    Anyways, I just want to figure out whether its worth to do sponsorship for my mom and whether active application will affect her current super visa and entering Canada with that visa.

    Any thoughts, comments and suggestions are greatly appreciated.

  2. 1. No issue.

    2. She will be assessed as a new visitor and likely be granted 6 months.

    3. No issue.
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  3. @canuck_in_uk

    Thanks for quick reply.

    But that doesn't make sense. What are they going to do with the previous date in her passport (which is technically will be later than a new 6 month period)?
  4. Visitor status ends when a person leaves Canada. It doesn't matter what the previous stamp said.
  5. # 1 and 3: It's called dual intent.... and IRCC allows it
  6. @Bryanna and @canuck_in_uk thanks for your help and clarification.

    I checked on IRCC website processing times for PR for parents and it says they are working on applications from 2014.

    Do you think processing times will be faster since they implemented this type of lottery for sponsorship?

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