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Applied visa in june for september intake

Discussion in 'International Students' started by Sonali221, Jun 13, 2018.

  1. That’s normal. Don’t worry U will get Visa by 10th August
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  2. Well bro you can't get visa without having valid offer letter. If you defer your admission then they will automatically send your information to cic about the same n in that case might cic ask you for an updated offer letter or can just reject your visa so in that case you have to reapply visa
  3. So ut mean the visa which they give me after the classes started , and then cic reject the visa ??
  4. My frnd see if you got visa for your current offer letter and you defer your admission then it will not a big deal in this case you just have to inform cic for your deferred admission but if you have not got visa then if you defer your admission then you must have to inform cic and must have to send another ofder letter thats it
  5. And if you travel to Canada n then defer your admission then also you have to inform cic n if you want to stay then you have to show fund for living or you have to return back
  6. Any news bro?
  7. Anyone got medical updated ??????????
    June applicants ??????????
  8. I have applied on 25 june online. Haven't received biometrics instruction letter so far. Worried.
  9. Embassy?
  10. Pakistan. Applied online from Canada
  11. I applied on 26th June offline- Bangalore vfs. I got acknowledgement mail from vfs.when can I expect medical update ???
  12. Medical takes about 25 days, I applied on 18th June, it’s still not updated. Univ. Category, offline at VSF Delhi
  13. Hi,

    Ay updates for your visa.

  14. Which university? Bachelor's or master's?
  15. Well no idea about your country here in India biometric is not needed so there is no such letters. Sorry bro

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