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Applied under BC-PNP-Entrepreneur stream.

Discussion in 'Business Immigration' started by Jasdir, Nov 23, 2018.

  1. Have applied under BC-PNP-Entrepreneur stream.

    ITA received on: 25-JULY-2018.
    Online application made on: 04-OCT-2018.
    Next: will post as soon as i get something.

    Anybody on the same boat can contact me at iamchinujaura@gmail.com

    Thank you.
  2. Have you had an update on your application?
    I applied on 24th Dec and case status still remains on applied. Does this change to processing?
    Where you called for an interview and if so how far in advance was the date?

  3. Yes, Status get change from applied to in process as soon as they start reviewing.

    But, I am not sure when it changed after I applied because I didn't noticed that. Perhaps after two months, I assume.

    Well, Its near to four months and the status is still in process. Perhaps, I am going to listen something from them within a few days.

    All the best to you too,
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  4. thanks for further information. Great to chat to somebody else about their experience.
    So you haven’t been called for an interview? Just wondering if every application has an interview within the 4 month processing date?
  5. Hi! Has any of you received your decision/interview invitation/performance agreement letter? How long did it take from the date of submission of the application? please share some light, thanks!
  6. hi,

    do I need to conduct an exploratory visit in order to apply for BC-PNP-Entrepreneur stream?
  7. Though, it’s not a mandatory requirement.

    But, IMO its always a good idea to study the target market, and have the complete knowledge of envoirment / challenge in which one is going to enter.

    Having a successful business plan in hand is more important prior to making a successful application.

    All the best..
  8. Well, I have not received any decision on my application yet.

    I am very eagerly waiting for the decision at this time because I am completely ready with my business, and as well as settlement plan to implement on.

    Perhaps I will be get decision very soon.

    ~ Jasdir.
  9. Can you please give me your phone no.
  10. Hi Friends,
    I hear an information that: successful convering rate from Work permit to Nomination & PR after completing 2-year business in BC is low, just about 75% (sound lower than other Provinces in Canada)
    If this is exact, it is so risky to apply BCPNP Entrepreneur program.
    Anybody here is in the stage of doing business in BC/ get nomination/get PR through this program?
    Please kindly share to all of us your experiece:
    1/ How you manage your business in order to get nomination: investment ammount/ profit should have...?
    2/ Something ,according to your experience, may lead to fail nomination/ fail PR?
    3/ How is your family life in BC?
    Looking foward to the sharing of everyone!!
    Kind regards,
  11. I take the things in a very positive way.
    All it depends on establishing a successful business as per the signed performance-agreement. If the performance agreement is met, Nomination is 100% sure, its NOT risky at all.

    Currently, I am on an Interview stage.
    Will share my experience, for sure.

  12. Good news is that after a long long wait, finally I got an Interview-Request from BC-PNP under Entrepreneur Stream. Interview is scheduled for the first week of June. I have booked my itinerary accordingly, and applied for TRV in order to travel for my interview.

    Applied online: 20 April.
    Biometric completed: 22 April (Updated Same Day)
    Processing office: New-Delhi.

    Its been 18 days but review of eligibility has not been started yet, whereas the standard processing time on ircc website displays 13 days. My application already elapsed the period of standard processing time. I also assume that, 7 to 10 days will be consumed to deposit, and get back the passport after a passport request.

    Worried situation is that NOT getting visa on time can lead me to a difficult situation because failure to appear for the Interview may result in refusal of my BC-PNP-Entrepreneur application. Tough situation !!

    Raised a case specific inquiry by completing a web form, also emailed to delhimmigration@international.gc.ca explaining the situation, but didn't received any reply. Just a silence !

    Is there any step else that I can take ? (Other than just keep waiting)
    Any of your help will be highly appreciated.

    Rest, all the best to all of you for your visas.

  13. Hello jasdir ,
    I would like to express a big congratulations and i think you can apply for the second time for the performance agreement but make sure you get the TRV before the performance agreement date .
  14. Hello,
    One and all.

    I would like to inform that my visa to attend in-person interview for my BC-PNP-Entrepreneur application was refused by NDVO.

    When I informed BC-PNP-Office about this, Next day I got a letter stating the decision that my application has been declined on the following grounds.

    Grounds: Person's INABILITY to attend in-person Interview.

    Is this my INABILITY ?
    or my DISABILITY ?
    or WHAT ? am not getting the right word for this situation.

    I am very much disappointed at this stage, and why should I be NOT ?

    Sounds like.. a security officer of the building, NOT permitted me inside, regardless of I am having an interview-letter, and the officer who is sitting inside the building simply just declined my application because of my INABILITY to attend an interview !!

    I am very much disappointed at this stage, and why should I be NOT ?

  15. Hi Jasdir,
    Was following the post and I am really sorry to hear about what happened in your case! Can you please tell me under which stream of EI did you apply? (Base, Regional Pilot or Strategic)? Also, did you apply through an lawyer in India? What are your next steps? I really hope you find a way and share it with us.

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