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applied for TRV but not received my passport

Discussion in 'Visitors' started by amrutharavikumar, Jun 12, 2018.

  1. I applied for TRV on 18th may 2018 but still not received my passport. I have my USA visa appointment on june 19th 2018, can anyone help me regarding this issue
  2. You should have planned better. Estimated processing time is almost one month. Passports are returned only after the visa office has made decisions.

    You can email the visa office to request the passport to be returned to you + include evidence of your US visa appointment You must state you are not cancelling your TRV application
  3. I applied for TRV on 23 rd may 2018 but still status is showing being process in visa office new delhi
  4. the processing time was 18 days on the day i applied. I have also included the usa appointment letter in the documents
  5. Visa application, tracking ID No.20180518INBLTRV68642– Your processed passport has been dispatched from the Canada Visa Office BANGALORE, on 14/06/2018 to the Canada Visa Application Centre.To know more, please call VAC helpline number or visit VAC website

    what does this mean , can any one please tell me
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    It means passport send to the Visa application Centre (VFS)

    Why dont you call them and ask with the tracking id ?
  7. I applied same date

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