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Application Time

Discussion in 'Visitors' started by NewNew22, Jun 11, 2018.

  1. Hi everyone,

    I was wondering if anyone has any insights on where the status of my parents application is? How many more steps are left?

    They submitted the application on April 27 2018 and got biometrics done on may 8

    Review of eligibility We are reviewing whether you meet the eligibility requirements.

    Review of medical results You do not need a medical exam. We will send you a message if this changes.

    Review of additional documents We do not need additional documents.
    Interview You do not need an interview. We will send you a message if this changes.

    Biometrics Completed.

    Background check We are processing your background check. We will send you a message if we need more information.

    Final decision Your application is in progress. We will send you a message once the final decision has been made.
  2. Hmmm my friend has the exact same situation except we applied (online) on May 12, biometrics completed May 15.

    Today we got an email from CIC stating "There have been no updates to your account....thank you for your patience"
  3. Seems the one of the applicants has landed a background check.... do they work for the government? Police ? Or military??
  4. He briefly did a security job,within the required 10 year period but no government, police or military history.
  5. Actually I reread the OP and their status is different from my friends in that his has not begun eligibility review. Just BC.
  6. Usually people who have landed into background check have held a sensitive job in the past and IRCC needs to do a thorough review of their background to ensure that they are not inadmissible

    Such checks will depend on the agencies that IRCC needs to contact and when they respond to the request for information by IRCC
  7. Thank you. We'll keep waiting patiently
  8. Other reasons: Maybe he has traveled to/lived in a high-risk country. Or else simply because of the passport he holds
  9. Very likely. He's Nigerian. With one refusal.

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